What do we see when looking down on others with a cocky know-it-all attitude and taking pride in our substantial talents.
Do we deem ourselves grand and belittle those who can never be at our level?
But if being small is so bad, why do we work so hard to protect our children?
If it were not possible to expand upon one infinitesimally small spot without end, how could we have ever drawn a one-inch line, never mind a line that stretches for a yard, a mile, or even longer?
Being small is at the foundation of everything great, and sometimes it is even more valuable than such greatness. Something so grand is already as big as it is going to get, because it has already used almost all, if not all, of its potential. Something small, however, has fresh potential. No one knows how much potential it has or what shape it will take as it grows. It literally could become anything.
No, do I myself understand what I just wrote? Am I transforming?