They are growing in numbers. Some are meditating; others are practicing Reiki, yoga, or Feng Shui. For some, their astrological charts are of outmost importance. Their decisions regarding their relationships are based on the readings of these charts. They read books on Kryon, Ramtha, and the power within you. It is impossible to deny their mystic, exotic airs. You are face-to-face with a spiritual woman! Now, how do you approach her?

First of all, who is a spiritual woman? What does she eat and drink; where does she reside? And how does one charm her? Here, we start…

PART I: Who Is the Spiritual Woman?

The spiritual woman is a woman who has had her experiences, yet failed to learn the lessons put forth from those experiences. Due to her belief in sustainable development, they keep experiencing. Along this process they are frequently let down and heartbroken. In essence, the spiritual woman is an unhappy woman.

She tends to be gullible because of her heart of gold. She is innocent and in constant search for happiness. She reads heartily. She is a constant teacher of love and tries to give sermons whenever possible. She invites everyone to be serious when things get out of hand.

Since she is unhappy and in search of love in everything she does, she will condemn you if she finds out you are, in fact, enjoying life and having fun! (There is one brand higher who constantly talks about birds and flowers. I advise you to stay away from this kind).

Although she tries hard to act different, let’s not forget that the spiritual woman is in essence a woman. You can see all the basic characteristics, such as dressing up, gossip and the famous mood swings. These characteristics may be subdued and not easily detectable, but they are all there.

Their insistence on not being categorized happens to be one of the most important characteristics. She hates to be defined in simple terms.

As she casts a look around, she looks so innocent and so shy! She is in love with yin-yang tattoos! As you try all your tricks to attract her and cannot yet manage a lotus position, she can revert to one as if she were born in that position. Many possess an above average beauty. You cannot find one who doesn’t smoke. In an argument they are strong with their words. Most of them are university graduates. As usual, when technology is involved, they are in need of a man. You might meet some with psychic powers. Mostly involved in medium work, they have experienced astral projection. Thank God that none are telepathic. If by chance she turns out to be so, you need not worry. Just be truthful. She most probably fancies you, since she hasn’t left you despite knowing all your secrets! A high percentage has been introduced to Reiki, and the pretty ones are those who still practice it. If among your close circle of friends you happen to have a Reiki Master, you are in great luck!

The Spiritual Woman Is Sitting Right in Front of You!

You have just sat down at the table, and your high school friend Sermin, who happens to be your date, walks in with this dashingly beautiful girl. As you melt away, what is there that you can do? Now please bear in mind that the possibility of Sermin bringing a beautiful girl along with her is almost as low as Mongolia entering the EU! Let’s say this came true. The possibility of Sermin forewarning you or fixing you both up is about as low as Ramtha being an Istanbul Member of Parliament. (If all these came true, then why are you reading this guide, friend? This article is for the lonely! It is a guide to say alive!)

Where did we left off? Oh, yes! You are at the table with this glorious, gorgeous girl sitting right in front of you. For the moment, you have no idea whether she has spiritual tendencies or not, but you just assume she does. Now, foremost, you have to have the spiritual infrastructure, namely, you should have read all the cornerstones of spiritual literature such as Conversations with God from cover to cover. You should be well informed about Kryon (and if possible have met Lee Carroll in person). You should have had a few psychic experiences and actively participated in spiritual activity. But most important of all, you should have in-depth knowledge of astrology. While no woman can resist a conversation on zodiac signs, the spiritual woman far exceeds all. Many have surpassed the harmony of signs, birth maps, etc. However, since they expect so little of men, your limited knowledge will suffice. In short, you can start the conversation with zodiac signs.

How Much Do You Know?

Of course, all this is related to how much you know about spiritualism. As the spiritual woman is highly intelligent and greatly intuitive, a below average performance by you will not satisfy her intellect and will only lower your chances with her. If you have limited knowledge and have fallen in love, and you wish to be enlightened, then stick to associations and activity groups. Who knows, maybe just by sheer chance you might start your journey and realize what a great favor she has given you! Seeing you have chosen enlightenment just to get to know her, will put her on cloud 9! These poor creatures, so used to giving and receiving nothing in return are overjoyed when someone does something for them. If you exceed the limits in giving, she might fail to understand what is really happening. If she runs away, don’t give up! She has been made to feel so worthless that it might take her some time to feel worthy again. Yet better to keep in mind that the spiritual woman has a higher sense of self confidence than the average woman. Their masculine energy has been so activated they might put you in your place! And one other aspect of the spiritual woman is their high sense of humor resulting from their high intelligence. Not all though can respond with the same levels of humor. We, on the other hand, will assume this to be their downfall.

How Much Does She Know?

Let’s assume you started a conversation on the sun signs. Now, how are you going to find out if she is spiritual or not? In such cases, try to bring the conversation to mystic topics. Here is an example: “Just the other day as I was sleeping, I found myself outside my body. I guess it was just a dream, but I was terrified. Has it ever happened to you?” If she replies “Hey friend, that is astral projection! We come and go all the time,” then beware! She is fully equipped, and if she finds you lacking, you have had it. If her response happens to be “Yes, some of my friends have had similar experiences,” then you can go ahead and put on airs!!! It is so easy to charm someone who knows little, but since she has barely started her spiritual journey, the relationship might not proceed as you had expected. The spiritual woman higher up the steps of this evolution will certainly have higher frequencies and certainly different manners. In short, they are fantastic. Alas, they are not within everyone’s reach.

One of the facts about spiritual women you have to keep in mind is that they are very consistent in their attitude in finding and falling in love wherever there is a psychopath, a former manic, or anyone with a psychological problem. You might be able to do a head stand or even draw the 3rd Reiki symbol in the air with your toe, yet you will be treated only as a friend. They will insist on the psychopath! “I will be able to reform him. I will heal him” is the universal female downfall. This belief is so strong in the spiritual woman that she can outshine the ardent religious follower out to convert all to her religion. They happen to be such masochists that even when the psychopath sucks the life out of her, she would rarely object. They can drive you crazy, when three years after he has left her, she can say some evenings she still thinks of him! It is so crazy; it makes you think they deserve it. One higher model of the spiritual woman goes as far as marrying the sick guy! It is only after that they wake up to truth! But alas, it is too late!

Then Why Is It So?

Other than the universal rule “you kiss the one who loves, love the one who kisses” and the rule “he who runs is followed,” spiritual women have the mission to reform, to put to right who is in the wrong. But the truth in fact is different. The aim is not to help someone but to satisfy the self. They are so good in hiding this aim that you think you have met another Florence Nightingale. Then, you realize you are dealing with someone blinder than Stevie Wonder, more innocent than the Dalton Brother of Lucky Luke, more idealistic than Hazerfan Ahmet Celebi. If you are out to charm someone like the above, my advice is to stay away. I advise you to leave her alone. And if possible, walk away slowly! Somehow the universe will straighten her out. Do not be a victim meanwhile. If you are out to help her, you will only end up being the “faithful friend” trying to help her solve her problems between her and the psychopath. This, in turn, might lead to severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Don’t say you haven’t been forewarned. I can almost hear you say “You are making a generalization! They can’t be all the same!” I will tell you right away that as yet I haven’t met one who is different. They are like trade unions having made a collective agreement. They come to this world with a contract which dictates to them that they are to help a psychopath at least once in their lives. Who cares if many men folk are slaughtered along the way?

Let’s Assume You Have Met a Very Spiritual One.

One of the basic characteristics of the life form known as woman is the fear of being perceived as an easy woman. No matter how willing she is towards you, she is going to feign reluctance. As we men are inclined to give in to our feelings and want to proceed fast, women even when madly in love can hold their feelings. As the average woman during this period shows an attitude of what we described as feigned reluctance, the attitude of the spiritual woman is different. She will revert to concepts such as her spiritual karma, her inner struggles, and the effects of the new energy changes on her personal energy frequencies. If you go along and play the game, you have had it: Because our girl who claims all of these is also telling you in her own way “Let’s see if you carry enough intellect to see beyond these. If you deserve me, then you should be able to see the woman who wants to be loved. Yet if you play along with my game, I will tire you out with my karma, until I find someone who understands me.”

The spiritual species is so experienced in having been failed that they require patience, hard work and intelligence. Once you have passed that stage, you can be sure of a deep and strong love. The best for you is to try to find someone outside this group. You will be more peaceful. In fact, we are surviving in spiritualism all the time. It is much better to have someone outside this sphere for she will charge your energy for new experiences.

What If You Have No Interest in Spiritualism?

If you are not into spiritualism, but the girl you love is, then soon or later you will plunge into it. The thing I most detest in the spiritual woman: Their effort to pull you in! I wish they would give up this effort to convert someone. What will change if you convert a Christian to Islam? Why won’t you love him as a Christian? Stop trying to change him, trying to shape him! Love him as he is! Then you walk around in tears crying because he doesn’t understand you. You have not changed yourself yet to be able to change someone else. To start with, you don’t have the ability to love someone for what he is to expect love in return. Just because you are interested in spiritualism, don’t expect him to be. I can see him sitting at your meetings looking dumb, not realizing what those people are talking about. What’s more, they even force him to comment while the girl stares at him really hard. The poor guy stutters—unable to utter a word lest he makes a mistake. I have always wanted to tell those women who try to change their man while unable to change themselves: Go and find out what is being said first, and then expect it of that poor guy! Phew, now that it is out, I feel so much better. It has been building up in me for years!

Isn’t There a Worthwhile Relationship?

If you ask me if there isn’t any relationship worthwhile with a spiritual woman, then I can tell you that there is. There is an appendix to it. To be truthful, I had one great love and the girl I loved had nothing to do with spiritualism. She even feared it. Ever since we parted, I have had many female spiritual friends. They were all great. But it never felt the same. It really has nothing to do with spiritualism. In fact, there was one thing all my past experiences have taught me: No matter how beautiful, how clever, how enchanting the person may be, there is no rule that states you will fall in love with her. And if you happen to be someone like me who lives with his passions, and if for you love means every morning you wake up with the same feeling of love as if it were the first day, it is something totally different. That won’t pay heed to success, time, place…It comes right at you, and you understand it the moment you see her. Real love needs no techniques. I would also add you need not the person who needs techniques.

I started out to write something funny and ended up being serious again. Never mind! I will leave it here. I will end by stating the lesson I was trying to give: Spiritual woman is only a myth. A woman is a woman everywhere! That is all. 🙂

(To be continued)