For weeks now I have been dreaming of sitting in exactly this corner of my couch, opening my laptop and writing… without deleting anything, without thinking if the words make sense or not, or if I will ever share them, or keep them with me forever.
I love to communicate with the blank pages that take me as I am…
During my life I have found that all humans dream for a reason. I saw that every dream is rooted in some kind of possible realization.
We dream 24 hours a day!
Our dreams are like variable options of our future self, but we seem to pick only those we think we deserve. Mostly without questioning by which standards we are judging ourselves.
So maybe it’s not the notorious obstacles that get in our way, but simply a lack of self-worth that limits our choices.
Success is not only reserved for certain people, but for those who take action for the dreams they believe they are worthy of!
As a young child I never put boundaries on my dreams.
Later, as an adult, I was ashamed that I dare to let myself dream this way.
People shook their heads, saying that my dreams were unrealistic and I, naive.
So I always asked myself: where does my drive come from then?
I mean life for me always felt so fragile and therefore like a one time shot! And maybe that was the thing, I felt more mortal than the other people around me.
I used to be so touched by the thought that we actually have no idea where we come from – how we ended up here, or where we go when we leave this planet.
We can fantasize and look for explanations as much as we want, but still in the end we have no clue.
So if we come from the UNIMAGINABLE, and we go to the UNIMAGINABLE, then it seems possible that the UNIMAGINABLE is exactly our territory.
A forgotten ability! What I mean is, when we are already at home in the UNIMAGINABLE no dream can be utopian enough to discourage us!
We are visitors, travelers from the Unknown to the Unknown.
Why waste our lives wondering whether we or others are worthy or not, of the journey!
Don’t degrade yourself by staring incredulously at successful people thinking: “Why them?”
Just ask yourself the more fundamental question: “Why not me too?”
Why doubt and disturb people who value themselves if they are just fine the way they are.
When I meet people who tell me about the beautiful things they have done for themselves – and it can be really anything! – I don’t see anything superficial in it.
On the contrary, I see before me a traveller who has given everything possible, to celebrate the human experience! Because he feels worthy.
And that really touches my heart…
Ever since I began giving workshops – and especially during the movie project “8 Seconds“ – I have been questioned by a lot of people.
I was even attacked by one woman, who had worked for several years on her screenplays. She blamed me with the words: “I have studied this for years – and idiots like you come along and get the opportunities!”.
She tried to convince me not to feel too good about myself, my work etc… – that I am just a nice looking chick and that the actual work was done by my tits! (I was actually flattered because in my opinion my tits have never been ideal for those purposes!)
And then when I smiled, she screamed: “Who do you think you are?”
In my eyes we are all heroes, with different accents and different expressions. We are heroes because we manage every day to deal with the Unknown. Even, if we are unaware of the fact.
We are worthy of the best and most beautiful life. Those who are not aware of this, sadly in most societies this can be the majority of people, will ask you to make yourself small so they can feel safe.
But as I said, our Dreams are our future. We have to choose the best ones, see them through… and continue to feel good about ourselves!
We might be asked to give up.
Let’s not.

Esra İnal