Here are some significant basic suggestions with which to open yourself up to a fulfilling sexual life and improve yourself in the process…

Vital tips for sexual satisfaction

Have no goals: Forget physical satisfaction as the goal of sex. Instead, learn to be with each other in a timeless manner, because this will be ultimately much more satisfying than genital stimulation.

Be wholesome: To reach ecstasy, for your sexual energy to flow, the entire body should breathe. Stamina and being able to let go are also vital.

Let there be sound: During intercourse, let your natural sounds come out, freeing yourself entirely toward the climax.

Have emotional fluency: For the entire body to climax, you should feel comfortable about expressing all your emotions. Your sexual reaction is strongly connected to your emotional condition.

Love yourself: Men and women often have a peculiar way of diving into sexual pleasure, but if we criticize our sexuality and judge ourselves insensibly, we deprive ourselves of this energy’s benefits.

Satisfy yourself: Learn everything you can about loving and accepting yourself, and then share it with your partner later.

Balance the Yin and Yang: During sexual intercourse, in addition to Yang’s fervent passion, there will be times for the Yin energy’s depth and frailty as well. If couples can open up to the feminine characteristics of Yin and the masculine characteristics of Yang equally during lovemaking, they will achieve the ultimate satisfaction.

Add meditative awareness into sexual activity: Learn about meditation, and then apply this non-judgmental observation to sex, love, and relationships in every way. Once sex becomes meditation, you’ll experience Heaven on Earth.

Consider sex sacred: When we express admiration and wonder toward the miracle of sex, we are in harmony with the principle of creation. To start this process quickly, let yourself see your lover as a god or goddess.

Open up your unique devotion and worship your lover like a deity.

Dispose of restrictions and taboos

In order to understand how we can completely open up our sexual potential, we need to follow some simple guidelines. We should learn not to condemn sex by disposing of our prejudices. This act of virtuousness is often cultivated in us through religious dogma, yet you may well ask, “Why would anyone say sex is wrong, bad, evil, unspiritual, or unhealthy?” Why have we been sexually oppressed for generations? Why did humanity accept this notion that tore a chasm between our animalistic and divine elements?

By abstaining from sex or feeling guilt for enjoying sexual pleasure, we are torn from our roots and open to abuse. Once the exploration of sex is given the place in our it deserves, it is very easy to experience the divine union. Those who practice tantric arts do not need social and moral restrictions or dogmatic beliefs that supersede their willpower, because for them, personally experiencing God and the principle of creation is vital and only achievable through sexual pleasure and love.