Are you bored? Do you feel like a piece of chewing gum stuck to the sidewalk? And do you feel like people are walking over that piece of gum?
Is sex not pleasurable anymore? Maybe you actually want to ask, “Sex? What’s that? Is it some sort of strange food?” Sex aside, maybe even breathing has lost all its meaning to you? Wait, so you also feel like you’re trapped? Can you turn neither left nor right? Can you not even turn your head around because you lack the energy. Maybe you’re living for the sake of it and nothing more. Everything is closing around you, strangling you. You have money, but you’re unhappy, or you don’t have the money, and you’re unhappy as well. Your worries never end, and the future looks dark. There’s not even a spark of hope. You wish you could die and break free, because life is misery and nothing else. Fear plays the tune while pain dances in your mind, and you don’t know what to do. Do you?
I won’t tell you about positive affirmations, motivating stories, or recommended therapies. As things stand, none of these will help other than offering daily consolations, because what you’re experiencing is burnout. You’re all used up, and what are you “using up,” you wonder? No, don’t worry, it’s not your soul. You’re using up your reality. You came to a dead end in this reality, which you created and lived in from moment to moment. Now it’s time to discover a brand-new reality that will satisfy your needs. You graduated high school a long time ago, but you enjoyed your high school years so much you never wanted to leave them behind. Besides, that place, which you knew like the back of your hand, made you feel secure, just like in the womb of your mother, but you ought to come out now.
You should go to college, get a brand new environment, learn about a different life away from your home town and its people, and have brand-new experiences. Don’t worry; you can see your friends and teachers from high school whenever you want. You’ll see them more in the beginning, but it’ll get less in the following years because it’s time to part ways with most of them. You have nothing left to give each other now except for sweet greetings, smiles, and memories. You enjoyed the juicy part of the orange, but now only the peel is left. When there are numerous other tasty fruits on the table, why would you continue gnawing at this one?
Give it a rest and let the new reality in. Know that the universe is waiting for your approval, a small “I’m ready!” signal from your hand. Say, “I’m ready for a brand-new period now, dear universe. Bring me what I need for it. Guide me and send me new teachers, friends, and experiences to keep me company along the way…” Intentions and wishes are like cries resonating through the entire universe. They echo far and wide and return to you much stronger than before. They set the dormant energy in motion, just like avalanches down a mountainside. Don’t worry; you won’t be buried under the avalanche because you are the avalanche. All the energies, lessons, and experiences you have collected so far will step up and take you to a whole new reality. But how long will this take? As I’m sure you know, your car needs time to warm up on a cold morning, but the process has already begun, and the engine will get going in time, no matter how cold it was. It was made for this, and the only thing you need do is start it up.
This is why you’re unable to breathe. I’m unable to breathe as well, because we’re ready to experience a brand-new dimension. What we need to do is scream that scream, turn the ignition key, and tell the universe that we’re ready now. The rest is history, just like your first days in university with the brand-new classes, friendships, teachers, and experiences. It was a brand-new city and a brand-new me.
And I’m ready. My arms are wide open and waiting, dear universe. It’s time to move on, so here we go!