Nowadays, when I look around, I see killer mints and potential victims turning to these mints. Yes, we are creating more and more mint-like relationships, which occur because of our needs, rather than unconditional love.
It’s understandable. Since many people think, “Great! Ego Time,” we band together, either to display our own egos or let others display theirs.
It is no wonder that for centuries, almost every organization, religious and governmental, showed their great ego and wanted to control everything. And the people loved it, even when it was them that were obviously being controlled.
I call it Mint Culture. We act like mint, we concur like mint, and we transform others and even ourselves like mint.
Sweet, Refreshing Killer Mint
Let me tell you something about mint, the sweet and refreshing but also deadly mint.
Mint has a pleasant smell and a refreshing taste. This healing herb has occupied a special place in food and beverages in many different cultures.
If you have ever grown mint, you will know you need to set limits for it. Otherwise, it will take over the entire garden and not allow other plants to live. Therefore, gardeners grow mint in plastic pots, seeking to limit its expansion. This way, the roots cannot spread out. In a sense, the mint is imprisoned. This is unfortunately necessary, because mint does not have any respect for other plants.
Unlike poisonous herbs, the objective of mint is not destruction. The damage it causes is a natural result of its own struggle for life. Mint’s genetic code tells it to be everywhere, to take control of every possible place, to be strong, and to survive. Somehow, mint has evolved the wrong idea about power and self-confidence. The mint is no longer aware of its own power; it tries to take more and more space, believing it necessary for survival. Whatever mint has done, or is doing, is because of its nature.
First, it will occupy any empty space before slowly forcing all other plants aside. It expands until there is nothing left other than mint in your garden. The garden has now become just a field full of mint. If you were to remove the mint, there would be nothing left.
Are there any Mint Men or Mint Women in your life?
Are you one of them? How can we explain someone who acts like a mint plant?
Their intentions are good at first. All they want is to help and share. They are filling only empty space but at a very fast rate. Next, they will search and fill other possible spaces in your life, gaining confidence and identity in your life. You, personally, find comfort, laziness, and unconditional support-like addictiveness by letting them.
If you are happily letting someone control your life without worrying about your responsibilities, you are a Mint Creator. You are helping that person transform into a mint person.
No one can become a Sweet Killer Mint if nobody empowers them, but you should also remember that doing nothing may also contribute. You cannot simply forgive yourself by saying, “but I did nothing.” Action or no action, our existence means something. If you have a Mint person in your life, you should ask yourself how you helped the situation. How many times were you happy they took responsibilities from you? How pleased were you to let them do your work, because it was easier for you?
They feed their egos by gaining an identity presence in your life, while you feed your own ego by creating a personal helper, servant, and puppet.
There is nothing left in your garden/life without your Mint person. All the other things that once filled the same space are long gone. They did this, and you let it happen. You changed your life, just because it was comfortable, easy, and pleasurable to be wrapped by someone. You asked them to change their lives according to you, so in a way, you are also a Mint person.
Congratulations! You created an addictive, needy relationship for both sides. You will never be alone, because neither of you can survive without the other. You are now virtually Siamese twins.
There was a way out from this situation. At the beginning, you could have tried to share responsibilities, not letting anyone become a puppet or servant. You could have tried to exist and share unconditional love without letting go of your personality and invited your loved one to do the same. You could have created a healthy, nutritious relationship instead of a consuming and destructive one.
Born to be a Mint Person
Some people are born to be Mint Persons. They are cunning and become more powerful each time they find someone who will accept their behavior. They are very good at communicating and can convince you of anything. They are masters of words who will not stop until you think the way they want you to.
Some of them are aggressive and will use force, while others are passive aggressive, getting what they want with sweet words, teardrops, or moral arguments that convince you. The first thing you should know is that there is never a middle way: It is always their way.
They will easily become angry or upset if you refuse them. They will always find a good reason why they are right and you are wrong. They may use reasoning like, “Because I love you” or, “Because I care a lot about you” or, “Why don’t you let me help you; why are you so closed to me.” Other approaches might be, “You are this or that” or, “You make me angry; it’s your fault.” They may be aggressive or passive aggressive, but they always want you to do what they ask of you.
It is very difficult to have healthy relationships with them, since they are masters of manipulation and justification. They will use your soft spots, turning your confusions against you.
When there is nothing but them left in your life, they will start to complain about the situation, citing how useless you are and how much they do for you. They will blame you for almost everything.
If you meet a natural-born Mint person, I can only advise this: Run away before it is too late.
When you have changed everything for them, you cease to exist. Your individuality has gone, leaving you a puppet and an object of manipulation.
Congratulations! You have succeeded in killing yourself while your body is still alive and breathing.
They will insist you cannot continue your life without them. What’s more, since there is no more space to invade in your garden/life, they may also lose their excitement for you. They may leave you behind or keep you as a servant while hunting for more outside.
If you have a natural-born mint person in your life, you find it very difficult to survive without them. When they leave the space they previously filled, there is nothing but emptiness. Your existence depends on their existence, and you start to do everything possible to ensure their existence depends on yours.
Mint people are aware of their power and their ability to destroy other forms of life. They never ask what the other plants want. They do not want the other plants to survive without them. When they finish invading a garden, the garden becomes nothing but mint. This is what will happen to you as well. Yesterday’s servant will surely become tomorrow’s controller.
Your natural-born mint person has, or will, transform you into a mint person. The natural-born mint person was in control from the start. However, like in any addictive relationship, it is very difficult to say who controls whom anymore.
At first, the controller was the person who wanted a servant to do everything for him or her. The controller enjoys acting as a mint by pushing the other to live and do everything in accordance with his or her wishes.
At this stage, the controller is the centre of power, since life is shaped according to his or her wishes. The real mint controller is happy to find a servant, but in time the servant is doing everything possible and the controller is just a consumer. Like a lazy consumer, the controller is no longer the one in power. Instead, the servant is transformed into a mint person.
The power shifted between them. The servant gave many years and considerable effort to make the controller addicted to them. Now, the servant becomes mint and covers everything. The controller of yesterday is the consumer of today. Like any consumer, he or she has only limited power and is so addicted to the service that leaving is impossible.
First, controllers kill the individuals and make them servants of their wishes. As they become addicted to their new servants, they lose their freedom. The servants transform into new mint and gain the power. This new mint then slowly starts to decide for the consumers, such as what to eat, when to eat, what to wear, etc.
Look around you. How many couples have transformed this way. The powerful ones, the controllers, made the other ones addicted to them, but in time, they became addicted to the servants, who then became the masters.
There are many ways of committing a murder. To be mint-like is one of them. You can kill someone, yourself, or life in general using the mint method.
You can find it so comfortable at the beginning, because having an addictive bond with someone is what our egos like. Our egos are happy when people need us, because they are addicted to us and cannot survive without us. Even the servant is happy when there is a controller who needs the servant.
We are living in a time of mint, when people do not come together to make their lives more beautiful, but they come together because they cannot stay alone. Our relationships and even our reasons to have children are deformed. Many people choose to have babies knowing the children will need them. They don’t let their children grow up, because they don’t want them to be independent.
Human beings need human contact to grow rather than to become dependent. In these ego times, we forgot to be ourselves, free individuals with a lot to share. We try to become someone by using dependence relationships, which we unfortunately call love.
Please, remember who you truly are! Remember how much you can give and share without becoming a puppet of this or that society or ideology. Trust your soul and existence. Please, trust your unconditional love. If you do not know what it is, ask your soul to remind you to love unconditionally.
(Written by Burcu Cedetaş)

Burcu Cedetas