Daughters of Gaia, the women of the Earth, do you know from where you came and where you have been heading?

You are gifted with the potential to create, and you possess a power embedded within this potential.

First, Mother Earth came into being, and then you, as her daughters, also came to be. Nature’s inherent disposition is to produce and reproduce, just like you do, yet at the same time it can destroy, just like you can.

Gaia gave her daughters the wisdom and justice of the Earth. Lady Justice represents this wisdom and justice today as the symbol of modern law. Themis, the Goddess of Justice, scales the power of knowledge honorably and fairly only to balance equality rather than transforming knowledge into power.

So, where do we really stand today? Have we shared any kind of wisdom with our children, who will be responsible for the future? Have we instead just imposed our maternity on them? Did we raise ourselves by not letting them grow up? Does raising a child mean holding their pencils for them, carrying their school bags, and taking them to school while holding their hands? Sure, we may love them greatly, but we love them from our own perspective! Do we actually love them for who they are, or do we love them for ourselves?

To those mothers who compete with each other like they can achieve a victory: Whose child is really superior to those of others? You may have given birth to your children, but that does not mean they belong to you! Have you ever asked yourself if this relationship, which you call one of love, is really based in love?

To love means taking the risk of making them cry today so they can smile in the future.

To love is to see them as they are, with no personal expectations involved.

To love is to be able to use our actual behavior as an example, rather than just telling them what to do.

To love is to empower them.

To love is to not want them to achieve the things that we could not.

To love is to free them.

Let’s together again question the concept that we call “love.” If someone does not wake us up, or if we refuse to wake up, this course of events will lead to disaster, and this will cause great trouble for all of humanity.

Gaia’s daughters can become pregnant from evil too, and they have already conceived! Once this pregnancy is complete, the die will have already been cast! The creature that we will have created and raised ourselves will then ask for more and more things. What will we do when we have other tasks to complete beyond just carrying a schoolbag, especially as we don’t have the power to even carry a bag?

Self-confidence, courage, talent, effort, struggle, success, creativeness, and all the other things we have deprived them of: Will they set them free, especially when we need to leave them alone? We’ve caused these kids not to learn, not to improve, and not to grow up, so when will they come to know their “self” and how? Those who do not know their “self” can never learn anything else…