“We got our inspirations not from the heavens nor from the divine, but only from life itself.” Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Throughout life, we are forced to seek answers to many a question to develop spiritually and socially. Those to which we find answers are very few compared to those we cannot. Every individual is different. The physical, mental and emotional differences are much more varied than one would expect. The variations are great because apart from the differences at birth, we also go through distinctive experiences while growing up and being educated. What makes individuals unique are these divergent characteristics. People are recognized, known and remembered by these qualities that belong solely to them. Hence, people who wish not to live an ordinary life, who wish not to be just anybody, should be aware of their own individual qualities, to bring them forth, develop, and utilize them.

Knowledge has become a commodity. Yet, there exists a wide gap between its value and price. The value of knowledge regarding personal growth increases as much as it raises the quality of life, peace, security and morale.

When we make correct choices in the books we read, the films we watch, the traveling we do, speakers we listen to, and the experts and friends we come to rely on, we will gain an array of experiences. Since we are mortal and cannot live long enough to experience everything, we need to make use of the experiences of others. By doing so, we support our personal growth in life. However, during the process of personal growth and awareness, we should not be led to selfishness, loneliness or become an introvert.

Becoming Unique and Genuine

The feeling of being different, unique or powerful should never lead to a meaningless independence or to an obsession of disconnection. Of utmost importance and meaning for us is to behave properly and be part of a society and social life. To be assimilated and valued by others in society is dependent upon the significant contributions we make at work and the relationships we embrace. People accustomed to teamwork and a desire to share are the people who have reached the understanding of unity and have gained the consciousness of belonging. Hence, they have matured.

People, who have matured personally, and have achieved influence, can easily meet the necessities of being a unique and genuine person. They are also team-oriented. They can see differences, not as barriers, but rather as a stimulus and the richness to feel a belonging.

During the process of personal growth, one must view working alone or in a team neither contradictory nor complimentary. Then, it will be much easier to achieve the basic goals of life—peace, happiness, security and success. Personal growth gives us the ability to say “I am after all only human!” This will require long and tedious years of education, practice and initiation. In fact, personal growth is only the attainment of the courage to grow.

Being Human is Not Enough for Many!

The concept of evolving is the process of the conscious comprehension of one’s self. Awareness encompasses the assimilation of many concepts and being fully conscious. This requires the thorough research of basic concepts. Unfortunately, people in search of personal development seem to miss this very important fact. They have ended up with teachings that lead to disillusion. They are swept away by the polished teachings supplied by people who consider themselves to be experts. In the name of development, these people fall into the trap of being brainwashed. We are now a virtual society that believes we are spiritually enriched by guides and channelers we see in advertisements and commercials.

In fact, our greatest dilemma in life is not being who we are. Being human is a privilege in itself; yet, we do not seem to be satisfied with this. In fact, by knowing ourselves, our mental and emotional pain ends. Knowing who we are seems to get mixed up with our instinct to work. In reality, knowing ourselves is our own responsibility, but do not confuse duty with responsibility. Duty has its borders and freedom has its limits. With responsibility, there are no boundaries and freedom of responsibility is limitless. Our essence and humanness is felt by our responsibility. Our character includes all the shadows on our soul to any responses of life’s encounters. The attitude to life is the cornerstone of our individuality. These are not inherited characteristics; they are part of what develops and assimilates us while living together and observing one another.

Today showing off and putting on airs have become widespread. The wish to appear more than you are and the desire to exhibit a refined look are examples of what value judgments have done to people. Undoubtedly, the value and compliments attached to objects, fame and power manifest societal misperceptions which lead people to believe their worth. The weak chases after approval, strength and power, and loves compliments.

However, your greatest power is acceptance of your true self!

What Can We Do?

First, we must realize that we are not particles floating in air. We are halfway through life when we realize that we are molecular particles moving in order. Second, we should listen to our inner warnings of tranquility. In short, there is a state of physical motion; a state of being above necessities. This is a state of being consciously prepared not to act. This is the state to pursue minimum action to achieve the best outcome. Simply, it is a state of submission; although, it is not an unquestioned submission. It is a state of submission to be aware of and to hear the warnings in silence.

These days the attraction of the New Age Movement has turned into something which prevents people from true personal development and focuses attention on other directions. This is what I have been trying to point out so far. Do not think I am criticizing it if you are involved in energies, crystals, astrology, and channeling information. I am only trying to point out that we should be involved in many modalities and find what we resonate with. Don’t grasp for the bright, shiny objects.

We know that in the past, in every dimension, and in every path chosen, Earth provided a passage. When we look at the Atlantis Age, we see that many who were wise were under the attack of “I”; in other words, their ego. These people started to believe they knew everything, and in their belief, they brought down many ancient civilizations.

And now we are going through such a transitional stage. This is the stage where the “I” energy is taking over those in personal development. Many experts have begun to act selfishly; they are conceited, arrogant and ambitious. They constantly say that they can give you healing energy, exorcise you from the evil spirits, and provide you with spiritual knowledge. The “I” energy that was the downfall of many ancient civilizations is now trying to leak into our world. And we find ourselves being called impostors.

A Long, Narrow, Confusing Road

We are entering a path in the name of personal development, and we are told that everyone will reach awareness at the end of this path. There are many alternatives along this path. There are channelings, dragons, angels, various forms of Reiki and many other methods. In a state of madness, there are people rushing to initiations during lunch break; there are dances made to angels, and many other comical situations.

Somewhere someone says if you wear this pyramid on your head, you will attain many secrets. You look and see many people wandering around with pyramids on their heads. Some are lost in meditation. They have been told that a voice will wake them up and elevate them to higher levels, and, they will be saved from their past karmas. Still others have been told to hold a crystal if they want permission to work with other dimensions. Someone else is doing advisory work on souls and tells you that you are a special healer.

Some of us just cast an eye over these and continue on our way. The others are waylaid by them. In fact, these serve only to make us feel better for a short while.

You see, what is considered to be the charming part of the Enlightenment Age has actually turned into something which prevents someone from their true path. Many a person is captured by this, thinking they are on the way to personal development or awareness. In fact, during personal development, we should not surrender our power to teachings. It is only to allow teachings into our learning experiences. Personal development cannot be achieved by opening the chakras or by mystical applications. It cannot be attained by a guru opening our chakras from where they sit.

No matter the stage of civilization, personal development envisions a certain necessity of mind. So, what is important? A person must realize their freedom in nature and society. This can only be possible when we appreciate our own responsibility. No magic wands let people attain personal development.

The Basic Criterion

I am not here to give a lecture on ethics. I am not the judge of right or wrong. There is one basic criterion: awareness. If we act in awareness, there is less of a chance to make mistakes. A person can do many things if admired by others without awareness; but these are only done by being two-faced or to put on a show. Actions carried out deceptively cannot free a person and will only enslave them. The moon cannot be seen when behind clouds, yet it is there. Personal growth is seeing the unseen and claiming to be the owner of your life.

Personal development is not dashing from one teaching to another. It is what we feel towards ourselves. It enables our wholeness. Personal development provides security, happiness, and peace. Learn to support one another and replace hate with love. Learn your importance and build self-confidence. Close the gap between what we have told and what we want to tell. See people not by how much they own but their true self.

Personal growth requires freedom to make choices. Don’t say, “I am …. Master” when a hand is extended in introduction. Listen to information with your instincts and sift them through your mind. Don’t get swept away by secret motives. You are part of the whole through the information received, and you know thy self. Accept a duty to expend energy to regulate your life; claim your life as yours, and do not ruin your balance by hoping for a miracle or accepting bits from each teaching.

Our future spreads out in front of us. Let’s forget the past, and live the future to create a new old past. This time shape the future and free ourselves from the repetitions of the past. Let us not be quick to judge. Let us not chase happiness. Let’s live! Then eventually, happiness will find us. One last thing: let’s own our soul to face life gracefully.