Up to now, we have been purified by our journey. We have faced many challenges. We have worked hard, and sometimes we felt like we hadn’t moved at all. Then we had a new start. We complained that we felt on top of the world one day and at the bottom the next… It’s like we were living in a dream that we couldn’t escape. Well, this was actually the case. We were all inside a dream, yet we believed we were awake. The exercises we endured maybe made our dream a beautiful one, but we were still sleeping. Of course, none of this was in vain. Thanks to our efforts, we realized we were dreaming and needed to wake up. So, it’s time now to wake up. It’s time now to give up on sleeping. We’ve had plenty of rest, and now we’re ready.
So, how will things be different when we wake up? We will explore it together. Maybe we will be like the Immortals on this issue’s cover. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Do you think it’s possible to visualize where humanity will be in another 20 years? As things stand now, we are technologically advanced but spiritually undeveloped, and our spirits are trying to catch up with us. The power that is balanced with spirituality can achieve many things, as people have known for thousands of years. Using science, you can produce useful energy or a devastating bomb from the same source, the atom. We can be either constructive or destructive—we have the power to do both. Until now, we have been generally destructive, although I’m sure we will become more constructive as our spirits become more advanced. Then, with the help of this creative power, we can change the entire world for the better.
I believe the constructive power of humanity will gather more momentum in the coming years, decades, and centuries, but to achieve this, we first of all need to individually wake up from our dreams.
And the time to wake up is now…
Are you ready?
Wake up!

Hasan Sonsuz