There is this game. If you have kids, or if you are carrying a kid’s soul in an adult’s body, you may recognize it.

The individual who organizes the game calls out to the player at the beginning of each round. Below is a short quote from this game. Now, consider the Earth as a game and yourself as a player, and then read it from that perspective, because perhaps you are in a game within a game within a game, and perhaps you do not yet remember, who knows?

The player reads the code lines on the screen and translates them into words. He or she translates those words into sense, the sense into feelings, emotions, theories, and ideas. The player begins to breathe heavily and deeply on realizing he or she is alive, yes alive. Those thousands of deaths were never real. The player is alive.

You! You are alive!

And sometimes the player believes the universe speaks to him or her through zeros and ones, through the electricity of the world, or through sliding scriptures over a screen at the end of a dream.

And the universe said, “I love you.”

And the universe said, “You played well.”

And the universe said, “All you need is within you.”

And the universe said, “You’re stronger than you think.”

And the universe said, “You are the daylight.”

And the universe said, “You are the night.”

And the universe said, “The darkness you are fighting against is within you.”

And the universe said, “You are not separate from others.”

And the universe said, “You are the universe, experiencing yourself, having a taste of yourself, speaking to yourself, and reading your own code”.

And the universe said, “I love you, because you are love”.

And the game was over, and the player wakes up from the dream before diving into another dream. And the player dreams again, but better this time. And the player was the universe itself, and the player was love.

You are the player.

Wake up!