In Sufism and other mystical currents, man in his normal state is man in name only. He resembles a treadmill pony whose eyes are blinkered against reality. Reality is hidden inside man in the depths of the heart.
I struggled a lot
I searched earth and sky
I found it nowhere
I found it in man.
What Yunus Emre found after a thousand and one efforts was a seed to be cared for and nourished that is only found within oneself. It is the real self inside man which makes him a man, real and complete.
Knowledge is knowing
Knowledge is knowing yourself
This documentary, “Yunus Emre”, attempts to illuminate the issue of “knowing yourself” which is the centre of Sufism and all great mystic traditions.
This documentary is for those who are searching for unknown.
Director – Semra Sander
Producer – Semra Sander
Written – Semra Sander
Camera – Erol Yazıcı
Edited – Sibel Tekin
Narrator – Mehmet Atay
Original Music – Can Atilla
Translation and English narration – Andrew Daventry
Cast – Meryem Bayar, Levent KÖYLÜ
Advisor – Teoman İlhami GÜRE
Production Assistant – Elif ACAY
Produced by TRT