It’s just brattish behavior to complain and sulk when your wishes don’t come true.

This happens because others, both individually and collectively, can and often do choose differently to you.

The first rule of the game that needs to be accepted is that different choices, including your own personal choices and the individual or collective choices of others, are all equally precious.

Now, if anything happens that you find undesirable, it was the collective will. In such cases, it’s fine to be sad or disappointed for a while, as long as you pull yourself together again before too long.

However, it’s forbidden to ever complain, because complaints just strengthen the things you don’t want. This is always true, and it applies to every situation.

Instead, you should respect the collective will and choices other than your own, the choices from those other pieces of the whole.

The final but most difficult lesson is to accept events with the same gracefulness, even when it’s not something you wanted or even something you actively wanted to avoid.

Let’s meet up with this gracefulness…