For sure, every person who has an opinion about illnesses puts forward various explanations according to how they interpret information from their fields.

However, it also depends on their capacity to read and interpret what comes from their own consciousness.

Those who haven’t yet progressed beyond the five basic senses look at this subject through the lens of western medicine. This has been occupying our minds, especially for the last two hundred years, and it answer some questions, such as about how our bodies react to microorganisms, nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental conditions. The more holistically inclined also add the effects of our feelings and our relationships. They would all speak based on their own point of views and the knowledge and experience they have accumulated so far.

Now, I am going to do the same. I will examine events from my point of view, which is based on my experience and knowledge. Any kind of mental, emotional, or physical illness that you can think of, even the genetic ones, happens in the same way. The main cause behind them is the vibrational data reaching to our body being less than our usual frequency, so it resonates with a memory and triggers it.

We enter new vibrational fields in every moment of our lives, and we interact with these fields. Some fields create joy, passion, and happiness, while others cause us to feel emotions such as grief, sadness, sorrow, and resentment. What makes us sick is the result of our interaction with these unsettling fields.

Before going too deep into this subject, I think that I need to explain this field. What is this field that has a different explanation from every point of view? Why and how does it affect us? I would like to address these questions somewhat. Of course, it is not my intention to provide a scientific explanation or dabble in the work of physicists. To learn about the physics’ point of view, many articles on the subject will serve you well. I will instead try to explain it in the way I have come to understand it, in a way that hopefully anyone else can also understand.

The field, in my opinion, is the place where vibration is created through movement, and it covers and encapsulates within the universal abyss. When we take a breath, it is a movement, so it has energy. This energy covers a tiny space that no one would ever care about in the whole universe. Next, we breathe out, and the same thing happens again. Alternatively, we could rub our eyes or smell a flower. I think that once a field is created, it cannot disappear. The system works in a way where it is not possible to create something out of nothing, nor can something be turned into nothing. This means a field we created cannot be destroyed.

So, is motion the only thing creating the field’s vibration? If every motion, every movement we make is creating a field, and if that field cannot be cancelled out, what does natural selection have to say about it? If something is not functional, it is eliminated. So, what is the point of these accumulated fields? I wonder whether they have a function? I’m sure that they must have one.

First, every field carries the vibrations of the movement but also our conscious and unconscious feelings and thoughts and their effects on the body during that movement, and this creates a synergy in the field. When viewed from this perspective, we can see singularity theory. Every breath we take, the thoughts we have while inhaling, the impact of those thoughts, other factors close to the body at that moment, the main field the body is in, and the sub-fields result in a physical reaction. The fields all merge together to create a unique tiny field, and this determines the frequency of the field.

Next, the gravitational force of this tiny field comes into play. Fields with similar frequencies attract and affect each other. Sometimes they unite and instantly create a bigger field that vibrates at a more distinctive frequency, and a similar process happens with the larger fields, resulting in a much bigger one emerging, and so on and so forth. It’s like each synergic field is actually a group of many synergic fields.

Everything that makes a human happy or sad, comfortable or anxious, can be explained through these fields. They can even make people sick.

Our physical and mental memory banks are equipped with a lot of data that we are unaware of. In fact, this data is located in places we can reach whenever we want, but as we are ignorant of it, no one manages to reach it. It is important to keep this in mind. All this data comprises different, smaller vibrational fields within the grand vibrational field that also affect the main field and its synergy. These tiny synergic fields, which I mentioned before, are not vibrational phenomena with strong borders, and they are not unchangeable. Approaching these fields with awareness and consciousness makes it possible to separate the synergy and organize it partially or completely.

While speaking about the vibration of the synergic field, the movement itself is the phenomenon creating the field. If it is not supported with a story, though, its vibration will be monotonous and will not exert an effect. What makes a field profound is the story within it, and what makes this story vivid is the thoughts and emotions it records. While in a field where we had a joyous experience, there’s a record in its synergy that boosts our mood. In contrast, our mood can drop in a field that was created during a moment of grief and sorrow.

We know that these synergic fields are never lost. In other words, all our ancestors’ fields are still here. If someone with the right skills does not deliberately transform them, they remain in the same state. Those knowledgeable about this subject say that when we travel through the zone, which we call time, we are not moving linearly. According to them, the field that we call time, which we constantly move through, is actually a sort of spiral, so we move in a circular descending (or ascending) fashion. When we unwittingly move through this zone, we could be passing over a field located one step lower in the spiral. Therefore, during that journey, we could reach a place in an instant, at a moment’s notice, where either us or our ancestors had been before and created a field. When the synergy of that field comes into contact with the data we carry in our genes, it resonates with it. The data then starts to move in our own field and comes to the surface from deep within, creating an effect that we can realize. We may have an instantaneous emotional fluctuation or an acute bodily reaction that could be the start of an illness.

So, how do we respond to this? We may say something like “I’m so bored. I need to drink a cup of melissa passiflora tea” or “Oh my God, I have a terrible headache. I need a painkiller.” Our habit is to relate this acute condition to other things, such as bad weather, bad news, the ambient temperature, a lack of sleep, and hunger. However, these sudden conditions are mainly warnings that a data flow needs to be addressed or transformed. Entering a field and resonating with the synergy inside it may not be appealing when memories belong to us or our ancestors.

If we react in an uncalculated way within a field, we should know that a secret record is now awake. There is an external energy, and it says, “My time has come. See me and transform me.” The rest is about noticing this message and acting on it.