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what is virtue?

What is Virtue? 

Tell them to find a womb where they can take root, for they shall fly leisurely. The only thing to look for in that womb is virtue. Where there is virtue, there is also love and faith. So they naturally attune with fire and awake…

do not forget.

Do not Forget. 

Don’t forget yourself when you get carried away within life. Remember… Do not Forget. Don’t forget yourself when you get carried away within life. Remember… Even if there was only one moment when you touched your soul, don’t forget. Remember… Even if all the luxuries…

oh, that mind!

Oh, That Mind! 

I went to the registry office today. My father’s notice of death needs be registered so we can proceed with the necessary procedures. When we went there on Friday, it hadn’t registered in the system yet, so it was like he was still alive. The…

my god, let my words be your words

My God, Let My Words Be Your Words 

My God, Let my words echo with your unconditionally loving voice, no matter what. Let my eyes see all beings through your miracles and magnificence. Let my ears hear your silent mercifulness, even in the noisy quarrel. Let my nose smell the comforting, diffusive smell…

telling the truth

Telling the Truth 

Q: Please define a bit for me what is telling the Truth? A: My definition of truth is whatever opens your heart and quiets your mind. So the biggest definition of “telling the truth” would be speaking that which opens the most hearts the most…

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