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you’re with me

You’re with Me 

Love is what spins our heads and releases us from the chains of both the past and the future. It is a place where time stands still and space is meaningless, somewhere where we melt into the being of the loved one and experience the…

the true gift of inquiry

The True Gift of Inquiry 

Someone emailed me with the following question: I feel like I am getting the hang of being with the feeling when fear or anger or other difficult emotions arise. It is a kind of burning, and I’ve been noticing the thought or story associated with…

sexual personality analysis

Sexual Personality Analysis 

Many of the indulgences we partake of in life can actually give telling hints about our personalities. For instance, you can see someone’s general relationship with life by observing how they eat. If you consciously watch someone’s entire course of eating—such as how they act…

spiritual birth

Spiritual Birth 

To be born spiritually means to awaken from the dream of death. To see as a perfectly obvious reality, that you are eternal spirit, the essence of everything. This physical world, universe in fact, is a place of constant change, decay; it is bound in…

defense mechanism or truth?

Defense Mechanism or Truth? 

Someone wrote me the following on Facebook: Thank you so much for your thoughts, I connect with what I read and I was hoping you could help me understand the feeling of numbness I’ve been having. I have had many disappointments this past year and…

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