This meditation helps us to create harmony, unison, and wholeness between ourselves and those we are connected to.

It’s especially important for couples to strengthen their bond, achieve a deeper communication, connect their feelings, and truly experience intimacy and step into a spiritual wholeness. This meditation comprises five different steps, with each taking eight minutes for a total of 40 minutes. During this meditation, you should remain silent and refrain from any kind of talking. You can choose to wear something comfortable or simply do it naked.

As you will be sitting throughout the meditation, make sure your back is relaxed. To help experience a deeper meditation experience, you can take a warm shower beforehand, paying attention to oral and body care an avoiding any heavy fragrances. Make sure you pick a time when you will not be disturbed, and place as many odorless candles as you like around the room.

Now, when you’re ready, you and your partner should sit down close and face each other. The space between you should not be more than the length of your arms or legs. When stretching your legs, they may touch or even be on top of each other. On sitting down, one partner opens his or her palms upwards and places them on the legs parallel to each other. The other partner, meanwhile, opens his or her palms downwards and lays them over the other person’s palms. The fingers should reach the wrists but not grasp firmly, because a light touch is enough to establish connection. What’s important here is that the palms touch each other. Each fingertip should touch the other’s wrist, but without putting any pressure. As soon as you’re in a good position and ready, you can release yourself to the music that will soon start.

  1. First, look into your partner’s eyes, and let yourself see who you’re really looking at. Consider what this connection means to you and how it makes you feel. Be aware of your entire body. Observe what’s happening in your body and your feelings through this visual connection.
  2. Release your hands and place your left hand on your partner’s chest, the center of the heart, and maintain eye contact. Let the love you see in those eyes, perhaps a love you never realized until now, flow to you. You do not need to push this. Just look and be the seeing eyes.
  3. In this step, still in position, one of you should be the active giver, while the other should be the passive receiver. If you find it difficult to decide who does what, realize how this reflects on your life.

As the passive one, you should close your eyes and with a deep feeling of surrender, let yourself flow toward your partner. As the active one, you should caress the aura of your partner slowly and softly. Without actually making physical contact, touch the entire energy field surrounding your partner’s body. Again, do not force yourself to touch your partner physically—it’s not needed—but rather be the touch itself. Let your hands follow the rhythm.

  1. Next, the active one closes his or her eyes and opens up to become the receiver. The passive one, meanwhile, opens the eyes and as the giver, releases him or herself to the dance. When you caress your partner’s aura, enjoy how you touch his or her energy field. Feel the senses in your hands. Let your eyes follow your hands and let the awe in you come to the surface. This is the union you’ve been longing for, and this divine state is the final intimacy before uniting.
  2. Finally, as you look into each other’s eyes, trust in the feeling of gratitude and allow it. Keep looking and hold your partner’s hands. Let yourself go in the natural harmony and the flow of energy. Be ready to melt in this eternal journey together and get lost, to forget yourself entirely and be found all over again.