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the pyramids of bosnia

The Pyramids of Bosnia 

Have you heard about the pyramids of Bosnia-Herzegovina? They were accidentally discovered by archeologist Dr. Semir Osmanagich as he passed by Visoko on his way to a local museum in 2005. With his trained eyes, he thought that the five hills looked too perfect to…

why do we get ill?

Why Do We Get Ill? 

For sure, every person who has an opinion about illnesses puts forward various explanations according to how they interpret information from their fields. However, it also depends on their capacity to read and interpret what comes from their own consciousness. Those who haven’t yet progressed…

my little ms
Featured, Health

My Little MS 

MS is the Turkish equivalent of BC (meaning “before Christ”) when referring to years before the birth of Christ. Since 2011, even though I still see the term in history books, these two letters have a completely new meaning for me. They now refer to…

oil pulling

Oil Pulling 

It’s been almost a year since I started practicing oil pulling every morning just after waking up. Being an ex-engineer, I approach any new method with a healthy dose of skepticism and analyze it meticulously before practicing it. This method sounded so simple and logical,…

true healing

True Healing 

Q: I’m dealing with a severe illness. I inquired and found that I have little or no will to live, that I fear God is punishing me with this illness, and that I also feel I don’t deserve to be healed or have a passionate,…

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