The civilization on our planet isn’t the first one to have existed. In the Holy Scriptures, the teachings of ancient communities and tribes, and channelings, we come across information and confirmation regarding the foundation and culmination of at least a few earlier civilizations. Certainly, since science is still young and provides no proof regarding these civilizations, it denies their prior existence.
However, despite the lack of scientific fact, we intuitively know these civilizations existed, one way or another.
We assume that when a civilization falls, its knowledge is also lost to us. We know this because man has only been able to accumulate knowledge since the invention of writing, and it has been a tedious and difficult work. Furthermore, we can only be certain of the formal part of this knowledge. Thus, we come to the point of how and, more importantly, why ancient knowledge was lost. What’s more, has it even been lost at all? I personally believe it just has not been shared with the masses.
Knowledge has always meant power. History is a written document that narrates the reign of those equipped with technology over those who lack it. He who sees the enemy farther away, who produces more efficiently, who can surmise the more complex formulas, and most importantly, who better conceals his knowledge has always been able to beat his rivals. Unsurprisingly, the facts of the famous war tactics of Clausewitz, Attila the Hun, and Sun Tzu are all based on the concealment of knowledge and intelligence.
Knowledge has always invoked feelings of envy and jealousy, and this admiration has always culminated by surrendering and submitting to the will of those who know more. He who knows more can enhance our lives faster, can save us from what we do not know, and can protect us better. This assumption has always been the hope of ordinary men and lesser states.
The Knowledge Market
This inclination to hand over responsibility can be seen in every walk of life, and it has also taken its place in the spiritual community. Master, teacher, mentor, imam, priest, rabbi, sensei, or guru: No matter the title, we are inclined to hand over the responsibility for our spiritual growth to someone we think knows more. What he eats, wears, and does and what she doesn’t eat, wear, or do instantly guides us and starts to define our lives. We assume that by wearing a certain guru’s shoes and walking in his footsteps, we will be able to spread light as he does. Since he knows more and has attained knowledge beyond ours, we should let him decide matters regarding our marriage and work.
Fortunately, humanity is unfolding. Gurus, senseis, teachers, and guides are now obsolete. Knowledge is now cheap and easily attained. We can now find in seconds previously secret, hidden knowledge that would have taken years to obtain before. Thanks to the revolution in communication and technology, this quickly accessible information now leads to faster awareness. The knowledge that man has worked centuries to accumulate is now displayed on supermarket shelves. Ordinary people can, for once, obtain information without an intermediary.
Pure teaching, unfiltered by the human weaknesses of the religious or mystic authorities, is now here and readily available. For the first time, it may be possible to destroy the caste system created by the illusion that someone with greater knowledge is superior. He who knew and he who didn’t were always equal, and both were one, but now it is possible to be truly equal because information is accessible to all.
I am certainly not claiming that the esoteric knowledge and its deeper secrets have all been revealed. What I mean is that taking eight-hour courses to learn kabala, reading loads of books about theosophy, or attending Internet lodges to learn Freemasonry are all meaningless and absurd. Without offending those who are interested in these topics, the content, depth and relative value of these topics are now available to us all. Hence, why should rapid awareness not be possible by taking responsibility for our own personal growth without gurus, masters, and senseis and the glorification or worship of one person? Why the rituals? Why the years? Today, Reiki self-attunement is possible. Perhaps tomorrow we will reach the healing symbols by ourselves. It all depends on the hundredth monkey to assume his own responsibility.*
Knowledge Today
It is now meaningless to bow to teachers for years and do as they do. If it wasn’t like this, if man were not awakening, these teachings would not be so widespread. Could these techniques that we had no knowledge of—these incenses, herbal teas, and books—be now attainable so fast? Or has humanity made an awareness leap, so we can learn in a day the healing techniques that once took years? Let’s be thankful to Dr. Mikao Usui’s bravery. But now, for those who already have the knowledge, there is an interest in seniority and a reaction to those who learn now, because these students will not go through the same struggle they had to. Instead of a feeling of, “Yes…True… we faced hard times, but the new learners, thanks to the progress of humanity, will go forward faster and easier than we did,” the feeling of, “They still have a lot to learn and a lot to cover yet,” prevails. Also, there is the presumption that anything local should be retained and be a prerequisite of being able to understand the universal meaning.
Times are changing. Those who built their lives on thoughts after the Iron Curtain fell will continue to thrive; those who resisted change have all been disillusioned. Conventional medicine, called modern medicine, is bound to face the same bottleneck if it persists on disregarding the mind and soul and continues living in the past. Medicine will follow the path of those who couldn’t foresee the future of television and home computers and refused to go with the flow.
Thus far, we’ve been told that to reach unconditional love, years of purification and hardships, as well as thorough learning of ancient knowledge, were required. But we have always been kept ignorant of the fact that attaining some knowledge is possible after experiencing this unconditional love. If there are those who have experienced this, they should guide men to love instead of reminding them they must work as hard as their masters once did. They should praise the value of knowledge following this love instead of giving them information anyone can find.
Yes, it’s a long path to reach Love through knowledge and information, but knowledge attained through love is deeper and vaster. Knowledge will no longer be the distinction between the leader and the followers. Let us not do to them what the old ones and their followers did to everyone searching for the ways of the Prophets (Christ, Moses, Mohammed, and Buddha) and to those who were looking for newer, easier ways of development that would enlighten, develop, and free them. So be it!
*The hundredth monkey effect is a phenomenon whereby a learned ability spreads from one group of monkeys to others. The effect occurs when a critical number of monkeys learn the ability, which in this case is 100.