We have so many dreams, wishes, and hopes, but sometimes we give up and say that they’re not going to happen.

Still, there’s something we’re waiting for deep down inside. We feel it in our bones. It’s a beginning, a soft voice, a gentle push, a feeling of support, and we want to find a path. Where we are now, with the capacity we’ve already reached, it’s not enough anymore to continue living the same way. Our energy is spread so widely that we don’t know what to focus on, and we exist in a web of energy that wants to reach out to everywhere. That’s why we have a problem with concentration, because staying focused on a single thing is not compatible with us.

Our dissatisfaction has increased immensely. Even when we achieve our goals, we reflect on how much satisfaction we actually got from this. Is this the life we really want to be living? Are there just our goals, the ones we create in our minds? Once I realize the life I’ve been longing for, will I still feel the same about my goals? Yes, finally achieving our goals can be a frightening prospect, because what if they don’t make us as happy as they did in our dreams? Would it actually be more satisfying to walk on the path toward our goals without ever reaching them?

Our energy is spread too thinly. We carry the astonishment of someone coming outside for the first time after years of imprisonment, yet we also harbor the anxiety of not knowing exactly which way to go. We want to do lots of things, sure, but on the other hand, we also feel like we are not doing enough. The days pass by as our panic intensifies, and again we feel like we’re not doing enough. Why is this?

It’s because we sense that something is coming. Maybe we think that everything we do will be wasted? Are we waiting for a miracle, or will we wake up one morning to find a radically different world?

Or are we running away? Are you running away from your own path, from your capacity, from the things you can do, from your future, and from yourself? Are you in fact fleeing yourself? Are you trying to avoid acknowledging the messages you receive? Are you running away from your senses, your feelings, and your intuition? While you have great strength, maybe you feel so weak because you believe everyone else is stronger than yourself? Have you created a reality among illusions, yet you’re not a part of that reality?

Where will you be once everything you have attributed meaning to becomes meaningless? What facts will you hang onto once everything you know collapses? Will you again run away when you wake up to a very different “you” rather than a different world, planet, or universe, whatever you prefer to call it? You want what it has to give to you, but do you then ignore yourself completely?  Many things in your personality have become meaningless. You believed in many things and put your faith in people and the world, but maybe your faith in life was shattered. Days passed by, and the chaos you lived in failed to satisfy you, as did the steps you took. Now then, doesn’t this clearly prove that you’re not living life the way you wish for? When will you secure your freedom? When will you stop running away? How long will you let yourself be defined as someone you are not? There’s a voice in your conscience and a feeling in your heart, and you feel like the world is changing too fast for you to keep up with it. You feel like everyone else is running, while you are left standing still. Yet could it be that you do not need to run? Could you be looking in the wrong place?

Yes, you do not need to run. You do not have to keep pace with anyone else, let alone outrun them. It’s not necessary to be superior to anyone. You do not even need to be accepted by anyone or justify yourself to others. You do not have to get people to like you—you just need to be yourself, because you always look at yourself from the inside. This is what lies beneath the belief that you’re standing still while others run. You’re actually moving forward, though, but you just need to widen your perspective a little. You need to see yourself from the outside while getting to know yourself from the inside. You are moving forward, and there’s nothing to worry about, because you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Be aware of the variables that come into your life and awaken to a strength that means you do not need approval from anyone to move forward. Let tomorrow be a different day and enjoy a new world tomorrow, but make it your own. Be yourself. Be aware of the journey you are on, and be with those who remind you of your movement rather than those who insist you are standing still.