“Do not wait: The time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”
― Napoleon Hill

Where do you feel the most comfortable? My answer to this question would certainly be “at home.” The energy and harmony between ourselves and the places we live in, or where we spend most of our time, is far more important than you could imagine. If you spend many long hours in a place whose energy you don’t feel in harmony with, it will be nearly impossible to maintain a good mood, let alone lift yourself out of a rut.

The home is the main place where we spend our time, followed by the workplace. Here I’ll be focusing on how to bring additional positive energy into your home. Of course, some of these methods could easily be applied to the workplace as well, so feel free to apply these methods however you like.

Let’s start by examining what you understand the “energy of a house” to be? I strongly believe that what we call a soul doesn’t just refer to living things. A soul exists both inside and outside everything in this universe, so our homes have souls, just like us. Honoring a home’s soul increases its vibrational energy. Applying the methods I’ll give wouldn’t mean anything on their own, but the genuine intentions behind our actions make these methods meaningful. Everything we do to honor the soul of a home enables us to get the results we want.

When looking for a reference to measure the energy level of a home, the only benchmark we can use is how much “at home” we feel in it. This feeling can mean different things for all of us. To me, it means a feeling of extreme freedom. It’s hard to put it into the right words, but I could also describe it as being in an endless, limitless playground. To someone else, however, it could mean a peaceful feeling. We can measure the energy of our homes by determining what this “at home” feeling means to us.

The following three steps summarize how to improve the energy of our homes:

  • Cleaning: Clean the low-frequency energy out.
  • Embarking: Invite the high-frequency energy in.
  • Preserving: Preserve the raised level of energy.

Now, let’s take a look at these steps in more detail.

Cleaning the Low-Frequency Energy

Physical cleaning

The energy in our homes cannot be clean unless our homes are physically clean. An untidy house negatively affects the home’s energy in a way. I don’t know if everybody feels the same way, but if my mind is preoccupied with various thoughts, my house becomes untidy as well. If I feel serene and peaceful, then my house somehow becomes clean and tidy. I wasn’t aware of this relationship in the beginning, so I couldn’t figure out how I made a mess of my home so quickly. I even got mad at myself. When it happens now, I just ask myself a question: “Esra, what’s on your mind? What are you preoccupied with?” Once I solve whatever’s bugging me, the house easily returns to normal.

Let some fresh air in

Especially in the mornings, opening the doors and windows and letting fresh air in makes a big difference. Energy always flows from the most intense environments to the least intense ones. The stuffy air in the house then leaves through the doors and windows and makes room for the high-frequency energy to come in.

Burning sage

This is one of my favorite cleansing methods. I burn sage and walk around the house while wafting the sage smoke. Oh, I love the smell of sage. Actually, this method was used by the Native American Indians to get rid of negative energy before their sacred rituals. I strongly recommend cleansing your home every now and then with sage smoke. You can use a coffee pot to burn the sage in. This also helps you to hold the sage stem easily without ashes dropping as you walk around the house. Sage is also consumed as tea, so herbalists generally sell sage leaves. If you manage to find sage leaves still on the stem, it will be much easier to burn them.

Salt-water bowls

Salt absorbs low-frequency energy. Mix a handful of salt into a bowl of water and place it into a corner of your home. Salt water absorbs the low-frequency energy in your house just like a sponge and locks it up inside. You need to change this water every other day, however, or salt water that is saturated with negative energy will start polluting your house rather than cleaning it.

Melting lead and pouring it into cold water above the head of a person to break an evil spell

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never tried this method. It’s not because I believe it to be superstitious, though. On the contrary, it’s a shamanistic ritual we’ve inherited from our past, and I totally respect it. If our ancestors believed in this method and practiced it for centuries, I’m sure they must have known what they were doing.

Inviting the High-Frequency Energy


Candles, especially white ones, invite the energy of the angels into our homes. Every night before sleep, I like to burn tea-light candles at particular spots in my house and make wishes. Candles create a lovely atmosphere in the home in addition to inviting the high-frequency energy in.

Incense sticks and aromatherapy oils

This is one of my favorite methods. I burn incense sticks at home almost every day. There are so many different types available, so I’m sure you’ll find one that suits you. I prefer natural incense sticks or aromatherapy oils to aerosol sprays made from chemicals. They are much better in terms of energy and health.

Fresh flowers

I’m sure you all feel the magical energy that radiates from a vase of fresh flowers or a flowering plant in a pot. Although I don’t do it very often, I like to buy fresh flowers for my house, especially ones with a strong fragrance. I change their water every day so they last longer. Another important thing is to remove the dead leaves every day. It’s not good to keep dead flowers standing, because they radiate low-frequency energy.

Himalayan salt lamps

I simply adore those Himalayan salt lamps, and you can easily find them for sale these days. Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions into the air and help cleanse it. You can find these lamps in different sizes to suit the size of your room. The lamp needs to get warm in order to activate properly, and if you don’t use the light inside the lamp for a long time, the moisture inside the Himalayan salt will leak and dissipate. You should therefore keep the light on and create the warmth it needs. I have a Himalayan salt lamp by my bedside and keep it on during the day. Of course, the lightbulb blows after a while due to continuous use, so you’d better be prepared to buy at least five lightbulbs, so it will last for the whole year.

Healing crystals

Crystals are very special stones with a consciousness. In terms of energy, they are capable of holding knowledge in their memory, so they can be programmed. For instance, we can program a crystal to spread unconditional love and light energy throughout our homes. However, we should also remember that crystals record any kind of energy they’re exposed to, so they need to be cleansed on a regular basis. The usual recommendation is to clean crystals by washing them in warm water or by burying them in soil. While these are, of course, acceptable methods, I was also taught that we can clean crystals with the power of our thoughts. It’s just like programming the crystal with our thoughts. We can clean a crystal by saying, “I’m erasing the memory within you.” Once a crystal is cleansed, we can program it again however we like. This applies not just to the crystals in our homes but also to the crystal jewelry and accessories that we wear, such as diamond rings.

Decorative objects

You can decorate your house with objects relevant to you, such as paintings and small ornaments. This metaphorically symbolizes the kind of energy you want to feel at home in. For instance, if you want to feel Rumi’s vibe in your house, you can use figures of whirling dervishes as symbols. Alternatively, display some angelic figures if you prefer to feel the energy of angels at home.

Our intention here is never to idolize these objects, because they’re decorative objects with no real power. We can, however, feel the positive energy they symbolize as we look at them. I bought a Buddha fountain the other day and placed it into the “prosperity corner” of my house. Energy was generated from the continuous recirculation of the water in the fountain, and the ambiance of the LED light is so beautiful. I would strongly recommend you get one as well.


Music has the positive power to change any sort of ambiance at once. Fill your house with music at all times. I play the radio constantly in my house, and most of the time I prefer my favorite radio station. I even leave the radio on when I’m not at home, because music keeps the high-frequency energy inside the house. On the other hand, it’s just a great pleasure to enter your home and be welcomed with some background music. I also have a wind vane hung just next to the front door. Each time I step into my house, I briefly touch it so the spirit of the home knows I’m back.

Preserving the High-Frequency Energy

Perform energy cleansing and energy recharging regularly

It’s essential to continue energy cleansing and energy recharging regularly in order to preserve the positive energy in your home. It might also help to do it more often if someone in the home is in poor health. What’s more, if someone with low-frequency energy, such as from being angry or ill, visits your home, or if an argument takes place, you should perform an energy cleansing and recharging immediately afterwards. This way, you dismiss the low-frequency energy from your home before it can stay too long.

Keep the toilet and bathroom doors closed

The drains in the toilet and bathroom suck all the energy from the house, so if you want to preserve the high-frequency energy in your house, the toilet and bathroom doors should be kept closed at all times. With the other rooms, however, it is always good to leave them open so energy can flow freely inside the house.

Take out the trash frequently

You should take out the trash frequently. If you can’t do it often enough, try to keep it somewhere outside the house, such as on the kitchen balcony. This way it won’t negatively affect the living spaces.

Replace the AC filters regularly

Don’t forget to replace the AC filters in your house when needed. It’s very important to do this, both in terms of health and energy.

Keep your pets happy

If you’re a pet owner, you should take care of their needs promptly. We must always remember they are our responsibility. An unhappy pet in the house will also spread negative energy. This very important issue should not be neglected, for the sake of both our pets and the energy of our homes.

Sometimes in life, we feel like a relationship with a particular person has come to a point where we prefer to go our own way. It’s the same with houses. The home you’ve lived in happily and comfortably might outlive its purpose one day. Unfortunately, it can take time to realize it. We feel like we can’t be bothered to move, so we keep delaying the decision. However, the spirit of the home acts in a very determined way and starts causing us technical problems. Its intention is not to make the situation difficult for us—it’s just trying to get us to move on. We need to read the signs correctly and act accordingly. We should also remember that a new home is eagerly waiting for us somewhere.

As you can see, these are very simple and easy-to-apply methods. The only thing you need do is get in contact with the spirit of your home with a conscious and genuine intention and strengthen your bond. Just as our bodies are the temples of our souls, our homes are the temples of our bodies. As free spirits living a humanly experience on this earth, we can create the real homes we’ve been longing for in our houses and surround the whole world with unconditional love.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
— Telihard de Chardin