Well, first of all, I would bow to you and apologize deeply for all the times I’ve kept you to myself and not shared you, concealing and withholding you within me. I’d also say sorry for throwing you at those who never appreciated your worth, who pushed you away like dirt. I would sincerely apologize for all this.

I would protect you from those trying to steal you, those who don’t deserve you. I wouldn’t be weak and desperate. I would reveal your divine wealth, protecting and guarding you. Had I known that you are it and it is you, in dealing with it, it would not keep me away from you. I would love it so much more, so much that I would never stop looking at it. I would share it, and I would know that you’re everywhere, always with me. I would know that you’d never abandon me, that you would always be with me, in every situation, sometimes in your metallic form, sometimes as paper.

That’s why I would approach you consciously and with deep respect, with all my emotions. I would know how to share you, with whomever I want and whenever I wish. How I would convey you. Had I known you are money, I certainly wouldn’t feel agony when I give you away to those that don’t deserve you.

And now I know you, in the form we call money, in the way I see, touch, smell, hear, and taste it.

I see you in it, as I give and take you.

I invite others into your abundant existence as money.

This is my story of simple acceptance, from which my perception comes.

God is in money. I do not consider money to be God, and this is how I know I do not idolize it, yet I create God in the form of money. Through this, I recognize the fact that God is in everything, so God must be in money, too. I transform my mind from one that identifies money and power, an unconscious slave of money. I awaken to its divine wealth. I combine the two in one. I agree, I consent, and I become whole. Amen!