No one has to starve, fall into despair, or suffer. There’s no need for conflict.
There’s no need for danger or to feel unsafe. There’s no need for crises or unease, no need for unhappiness, despair, and distress. There’s no need for any of these.
Getting rich, teaching our children how to become rich, creating the most powerful nation in the world, waving the flag of our beliefs over the unbelievers, being successful, being applauded, and being admired are not our missions in this life…The cause of the problems in this world is not the world itself. It’s not fate, nor is the world our enemy. The only cause of our problems is our minds, because we don’t know how to manage and educate them. It’s the human mind, with its feelings, perceptions, thoughts, and consciousness. Everything humanity has made in the physical world was first created in the mind. Everything is created by the mind, so the mind can enjoy a particular feeling, and the mind perceives the world as a big party. Our existential crises, our problems in life, and the dangers we face are not fated to be, and they’re certainly not external problems. These are inner conflicts and crises.
The mind is the architect.
The way of the heart educates this architect. It awakens the mind to the truth. The only logical solution for ourselves, and therefore the world, is to reach out to the heart and awaken our minds to the truth by showing it the way of the heart.
The heart is the neutral, insightful mind.