I don’t think it does, but if something like sin does exist, I think it only occurs when you prevent someone from experiencing something.
Likewise, if there is such a thing as a good deed, the opposite of sin, it can only be when you encourage someone’s experiences…
There’s no one keeping records, because the ledger is in your hands. Let’s not stop anyone from experiencing things and encourage them to experiment instead. Let’s facilitate our own experiences the most and stop obstructing ourselves…
Also, when people are encouraged to try new experiences and when they have the confidence to explore things themselves, they become cheerful beings thanks to their experiences.
This feeling gets passed to you and then all the others around you.
The greatest service you can provide to people, humanity, and the world is to infect them with joy. It’s great to feel useful, but the greatest reward is when you hear someone say, “I’m so glad you’re here.”
Sure, it’s nice when people notice you, respect you, and maybe even honor you, but someone being genuinely glad to see you is the greatest addition to your existence in this world.
The people we miss the most are the ones we are so glad to see again, because they encourage us to be ourselves through our experiences. They do not judge us but rather let us be true to ourselves when we are around them.
I don’t have one personally, but if someone ever needs a goal, I cannot think of anything better than increasing the number of times you hear someone say, “I’m so glad to see you.”
There’s is no endeavor more precious than this, so let’s not block people’s experiences. Let’s encourage them, and maybe then they will say how glad they are to see us.

Ali Korkut Keskiner