In my opinion, our only purpose in life is to experience emotions in our bodies physically, and we already know this in theory. In other words, we exist on this planet to experience emotions as an illusion, thinking they are real and realizing their effects on our spirits. Every single emotion, whether it increases or decreases our power, has a unique vibration, and the same emotion can vibrate differently in different people. For example, anyone whose mother has passed on will feel deep sorrow, obviously. However, the experiences people have with their mothers shape the way they realize and feel the sorrow.
Someone with harsh memories of his or her mother, such as from being abused, may think, “I’m glad she died.” The real vibration of people’s emotions relies on their way of thinking. Sorrow is suppressed in the depths of the soul. The vibration of an emotion is quite vague, and sometimes it can’t be felt at all, but this doesn’t mean the emotion does not exist in the hidden depths of the soul.
On the contrary, deep sorrow or mourning can be easily observed in the reactions of another person who only has pleasant memories of his or her mother. However, this person may be unable to feel the vibrations of the intense emotions in the depths of the soul. The energy of an emotion flows, integrates with the person’s energy field, and turns into something encouraging.
You may think every single soul experiences sorrow in the same way. However, as highlighted in the examples above, this is not the case. So, why is this? Emotions occur after thoughts combine with feelings after an experience. The vibration of the emotion is totally open to the effects of accompanying thoughts. If the thought says, “Good,” the emotional reaction is joy, pleasure, and happiness. However, if the thought says, “Bad,” then sorrow, misery, and grief occur.
Here, the level of emotion, just like its identity, depends on the situation of thoughts. For instance, a mind saying, “This is disastrous” could lead people toward dark emotions where they will struggle to find a way out. The rest depends on people’s willpower and how their bodies react to the emotion. Physically devastated people tend to stay in that state of mind, and the more they stay there, the more they get devastated physically. Eventually depression, anxiety disorders, or even acute psychosis might occur. Yet, people who think with a “Yes, it’s hard, but I can handle it” attitude toward the same experience can easily find a way to cope with the emotion. Because these people’s emotions haven’t become tough enough, it might be able to easily integrate with their energy and transform.
In fact, emotions are the real source of energy when felt inside without any thoughts involved or when they are free to flow apart from their positive or negative energy. However, we cannot let them flow freely, because they also carry the vibrations of thoughts in themselves. We end up surrendering to our mind, which convinces us that our emotions will harm us or that the specific incident is “the end of the world.” Eventually, these thoughts start encircling the related emotional energy and act like a trap in which all emotional energy becomes stuck. Sorrow, misery, and grief then become a permanent part of our life.
When this sort of emotional trap becomes entrenched in the aura, it can only start vibrating again by coming up with a similar energy, just like the emotional energy in itself. Other times, you don’t feel it much, or it doesn’t bother you. However, these traps get closer to the body, especially when the body feels weak in terms of energy. They are then drawn toward the related acupuncture points affected by vibrations. They then leak into our body from these points during vulnerable times.
The minute this happens, these traps begin acting like viruses or bacteria. They travel around the body until they find a suitable and comfortable place to reside. They hide, nourish themselves, and grow stronger. They grow stronger by uniting with energies similar to themselves. In fact, this place may help us see and comprehend the problem in our body and make us define the emotion within the capsule of thought. One who can read his or her body could figure out the emotion in the trap.
As soon as this process is complete, very severe and acute reactions occur in our bodies. If we interpret these reactions correctly, we may immediately find the necessary solutions. However, if we ignore these reactions or suppress them with medication or other means, the warnings end in three to five days. Now we can feel the emotional trap inside us. Getting stronger at every turn, it affects us negatively by dragging us towards depression, anxiety, pessimism, and physical illnesses.
It is difficult to know how many emotional traps we inherited from our ancestors and past lives or how many traps we made ourselves, but if we can deal with them correctly, turning them into light, we can easily benefit from their inner energy as should be the real purpose. When the trap turns into light, it mostly helps us purify ourselves from physiological reactions, but it also helps us to rid ourselves of physical illnesses and recover.
The Journey of an Emotional Trap
Let’s assume one of your friends treated you in a way you never expected. Like everybody else, you also wear masks. In your social life, these masks can even hide your real essence from yourself. If you want to be known as a respectable, favorable, and warm-hearted person in society, acting in an affectionate and gracious manner, then an inner voice starts telling you “Stay calm and love.” Even though your emotional reactions include resentment, anger, and exasperation, the fact that you cannot show them openly locks away your emotions inside. It is  a vibrational capsule produced by your thoughts, preventing you from feeling your real emotions. I call this capsule an “emotional trap.” This emotional trap starts waiting somewhere inside your aura. The minute you feel weaker, it leaks inside, let’s say through the fourth point on your small intestine meridian. The blockades located on the fourth point of the small intestine meridian trigger a necessity to act as if you feel good. Meanwhile, the capsule of the emotional trap that is dragged to this point also causes the effect to act this way. The vicious circle then begins.
Your emotional trap may reside there or leak inside, travelling around until it finds a suitable place. Under all circumstances, you feel the existence of a reaction somewhere in your left palm if your friend is a woman, or somewhere in your right palm if your friend is a man, somewhere close to your wrist and beneath your little finger (This is valid for female bodies. It is the opposite in male bodies). You might injure that specific area, or you might feel a sudden pain, cramp, or spasm without any specific cause. Of course, not every reaction refers to an emotional trap, but any physical reaction with or without a reason provides a clue to the existence of a physical problem in that part of the body or on the related meridian.
At this stage, an energy transfusion suitable to the related meridian might solve the problem before it grows bigger, and this helps you free yourself from the related feeling and the emotion that is trapped by your thoughts. At times when you don’t do anything, this trap causes you to feel the same emotion much more intensely whenever you face a similar experience. Your mind makes the capsule harder and bigger, simply telling you, “Didn’t I tell you it was dangerous?”
In this case, the easiest purification method is to untie the intellectual capsule by placing a magnet on the problematic area, letting the emotional vibrations flow and nourish the area or enabling the pressure to withdraw by being absorbed by the magnet.
If nothing is done, the capsule starts moving to different areas with similar emotions or toward other areas inside the body. The movement would be toward the related organ (the small intestine in our example) or toward another meridian. For example, the liver meridian and the sixth point are where similar vibrations on that meridian are stored. The sixth point in the liver is affected when we are exposed to vibrations causing relationship nervousness or declining self-respect because of a relationship. The rest of the process is similar to the previous example. The trap may stay there or proceed to another area, but the trap may cause a blockade at every point it touches. A full purification is possible by following the road from the end to the beginning and by enlightening all the stations on the road backwards.
Ways of Purification
If you want to find your emotional traps, you can examine them through kinesiology and detect their locations with the help of muscle tests. You can also use pendulums and various other equipment. For this process, you can use an acupuncture map and an image of your body. It is not necessary to be familiar with the map, know the points on the body, or have a knowledge of anatomy. All you need is well-drawn images. Secondly, you will need at least eight statics with a power of 400 gauss (the unit measuring a magnetic field) or greater and a magnet. Without anything else, you can easily purify yourself or a friend from an emotional problem, regardless of whether it occurred very recently or has been going on for a while.
Now, when you think you are ready, you can apply the protocol below. This will enable you to be sure about the answers to your questions with the help of a muscle test or equipment such as pendulums and antennas. If you feel confused, stop the application and take a rest. After a while, when you feel confident enough, you can start again.


  1. Retreat into your shell quietly. Make contact with your superego, and surrender yourself to it as you wish.
  2. Ensure you surrendered by applying a muscle test.
  3. Does the person have any emotional traps that I can help him or her with? If the answer is yes, please continue with the next step. If the answer is no, this exercise is not suitable for the current patient, so please end it now.
  4. How many traps are related with the same emotion? Determine the number with a muscle test.
  5. Is the trap inside the aura? If yes, locate it with a muscle test and proceed. If not, move to the sixth step.
  6. Is the trap located inside an organ? If yes, identify the organ and the trap’s location inside the organ with a muscle test and proceed. If not, move on to the seventh step.
  7. Is the trap on a meridian? If yes, identify the meridian and the related point with a muscle test and proceed. If not, move on to the eighth step.
  8. Is the trap inside a chakra? If yes, identify which chakra it is and whether it is located on the front or back by applying a muscle test and proceed. Emotional traps are generally present on the back of chakras, but they could also be located on the front. If no, the current situation might be beyond your skill, so it’s better to seek help from an expert.
  9. After each purification (following the application below), make sure to ask the following questions: Has this emotional trap been untied? Is it empty now? Is the process complete? If the answer is yes after the muscle test, proceed to the next question.
  10. Ask yourself a question: “Is there a place I should go to purify this trap?” If the answer is yes, repeat the process from the first step. If the answer is no, the process is complete.
  11. If the exercise is complete, you should thank the people who helped you with the process. End the transformation procedure by sending the socket capsule and the magnets into the light together.
Zeynep Sevil Güven