Do not be afraid of the dark.

Darkness is meaningless by itself; it is merely the absence of light.

The only difference between darkness and light is how darkness forgets it also comes from the same source.

For some time, I have talked and written about how the struggle is over, about how the light will continue to grow.

Kryon also mentioned this in Istanbul.

It was not a dream or illusion. There have been proponents for each side, and struggle was always there.

Many years ago, I also struggled with not knowing my place and the One.

I can assure you that those serving the darkness do not try to spread it, nor even is this possible. Even the smallest amount of light makes absolute darkness unachievable.

Those serving darkness have a single objective: to prevent the light from spreading.

Even as their retirement comes closer, they still try to complete their tasks and prevent the light of people and society from growing.

Yet their efforts are futile.

Naturally, they’re very organized and include many strong and extremely dedicated members. In fact, they’ve always been historically stronger than the workers for light, who tend to question their personal existences and fail to organize as a group because of conflicts between each other.

This spring heralds a new sun, so those who try to hinder the light will need to find hiding places in our nations and in the world. It is our turn.

Don’t be afraid, because we’ve already won. Even though time passes slowly in the universe, the light will only continue to grow.

Let’s meet in the light…