(For many years now, we have experienced amazing transformations at the retreats of Meryem Suna, who also writes for The Wise. Ferhan, a dear soul who was also at the camps, wrote the following after Meryem’s latest camp.)
Dear Meryem,
One of my friends, the one who introduced you to me, said to me, “I’m curious about what happened at the camp. Come on, tell me.”
I replied that she should go herself, because telling her would alter her experience. She then said that she didn’t want to know exactly what I did, just my reflections on it.
So I wrote the following, and I’d like to share it with you as well.
I’ve always said that everyone’s unique and incomparable, and we should love and respect each other.
It turns out that I wasn’t feeling this, however. I was as unique and as incomparable as everyone else.
I’ve always said, “We’re all one—I am you and you are me.”
Yet it turns out that I didn’t know what I was talking about. Everyone has a part of me in them, and I have a part of everyone in me, but I’ve never felt it.
I’ve always said, “Do not generalize. Be without prejudice.”
It turns out that I had the biggest of all prejudices in believing that the soul is beyond the body. In order to see how two souls melt into each other, I had to open the doors of my heart and see through it.
I’ve always said, “Break down all the taboos.”
It turns out that beyond saying the words, to break down taboos you need to bravely throw yourself into your own taboos. As I break down my own taboos, I become free.
I’ve always said, “Do not worry about who says what—do whatever you like.”
It turns out that I wasn’t living how I wanted. Although I was free, I limited my own freedom, and I did not live like I would have liked.
I’ve always said, “I am responsible from the things I do.”
It turns out that I was also responsible for what others did, and I wasn’t aware of my own power to create.
I’ve always said, “The child in me still lives.”
It turns out that it wasn’t enough for my inner child to merely live. It also needs affection and freedom from guilt.
I’ve always said, “We are born only once into this world, so we should live the way we want to.”
It turns out that even though I said these words, I never acted on them. I had the power, yet I didn’t know it.
I’ve always said, “Ask for something, and it will find you.”
It turns out that I thought it was enough to merely say it in words, and I didn’t know how to surrender into asking.
I’ve always said, “I’m modest.”
It turns out that I was actually carrying tremendous vanity within me, so I couldn’t accept whatever came by.
I’ve always said, “You have responsibility towards yourself, so look after yourself.”
It turns out that my responsibility was beyond me, greater than me, but I didn’t know it.
I’ve always said, “Do not let your ego defeat you.”
It turns out that even though I thought I was defeating it, I had embodied it elsewhere, so I got drawn into it over and over again. It’s not enough to diminish it—it should be cut off completely.
Thank you very much. I’m so thankful.