“Success in life depends on having a good relationship with your mother. Those who consider themselves greater than their mothers are bound to fail.”
It’s true that money and careers are related to the feminine principle, and it’s indisputable that a mother is the prime representative of the feminine principle. Therefore, success in your life can only be possible if you make peace with your mother and everything else that stands for the feminine principle. Most would claim that their mothers are divine, and they have no problems with them. On the other hand, many consider it sophisticated, from a Freudian perspective, to relate problems in the present with problems they had with their mothers during childhood.
Many also lack experiences and memories because they lost their mothers at an early age or because they became disunited from their mothers, whether purposely or not.
Above all, should I say, “In our corner of the universe, our world itself is the greatest representative of the feminine principle”?
Before continuing, let’s look at the world’s situation. Observe the economy during this time. There is a financial crisis, and everyone is in panic. Some fear losing their companies that have been built upon years of hard work or the work positions they have worked so hard to reach. Others simply fear losing their jobs that provide a living for them.
Any kind of action that is known to have worked before is discussed, examined in detail once again to identify changes, and prepared for new austerity packages. They are submitted for approval, and the approved package is then implemented. But this is just in vain…  It’s even hard to write down the number of zeros in the amount of money needed to save the economy with certainty.
What’s happening then? Why did economies go crazy all over the world at the same time? Why aren’t industrial products in demand when they are sold for the lowest prices and on the longest terms? Why doesn’t anybody buy anything? Why can’t anyone sell anything despite the advertising, promotions, and campaigns?
In my opinion, the industrialists and the businesspeople have become conceited after becoming rich by earning money subconsciously. Thinking that money and prestige is the source of happiness, they choose to avoid the inevitable despair they were destined to encounter as they earned increasingly more.
Those claiming they could solve any problem grew in number. At the end of the day, though, it almost became a business to create problems. First, the problem was created, and then it was solved. This way, they proved their intelligence.
Now, let’s turn toward what Hellinger and the wise men of the ancient cultures said. The mothers of the first industrialists were housewives who were effectual but uneducated women. These women had nothing to be proud of other than words praising their sons, always starting with, “My son…” However, as they tried to support their sons, they could not avoid disunity developing between them. These men were simply overwhelmed by feelings of worthlessness while trying to be “the most important,” “the most successful,” or “the most” at something else.
While each step they took in life intensified the disunity with their mothers, they actually had one thing in mind: “I would do anything for you, mom.” Even though the soul is always connected with the subliminal, observing everything, this was concealed for the sake of its place in the hierarchy. The feelings of worthlessness and dependency intensified the instinctive tendencies to cover up the lack of a mother’s love and appreciation.
They could not see that all their actions disconnected them from their mothers and that they were being disrespectful to them while saying, “I would do anything for you, mom.” So, they were unable to hear “the prayers” their mothers said from their hearts. Because of this dualistic consciousness perhaps, the prayers fell apart before reaching the United Consciousness
These businessmen (or businesswomen for that matter) who were disconnected from their mothers also lost their connection to the greater mother, which is also the Earth. They then began to force her to give them more. They treated Mother Earth like a 60-year-old man would when, on his mother passing away, cries out, “You left me. Who will look after me. Who will love me? What did I do to make you abandon me?”
Neither the mother in the grave nor Mother Earth would alienate her sons, but these sons had already done this. The mirror will not look into you if you don’t look into it, so if you don’t respect your mother, you will disconnect from her, and she will be unable to love you, even if she wants to. If you don’t have a healthy bond with the Earth, the Earth cannot nourish you, so you will be hurt, and your bond will weaken further. At the end of the day, you will suffer in the famous vicious cycle.
So, what will happen next? Will the entire world economy collapse? I don’t think so. In my opinion, the situation will cause our questions to move to a more solid ground where we will see the mistakes of the past, so we will be able to correct them.
As has always been said, relationships should be based on sharing and the united consciousness. All people will realize that the progress of one person opens the way for the whole of existence, all beings, but until they realize this, they will suffer and bear the rasping of their egos.
This article was conceived while I was taking notes and contemplating that instead of questioning past events, we should question what we can do to improve today’s conditions to achieve the greatest good for all.

Please Answer the Questions Below with Honesty and an Open Heart

  • Do you have a harmonious relationship with your mother?
  • Do you really know the members of your family and give them a place in your life?
  • Does your job serve your employees, your customers, and, most importantly, humanity in general?
  • Are you honest with your partners, employees/employers, and colleagues? Do you give needed value to the hierarchy at your work place?
  • Do you sell your products at their true value?
  • Do you consider the honor of the people you serve?
  • Do you give importance to research and development?

If you honestly said “Yes” to these questions, you can be happy. You can know you will be unaffected by the global economic crisis. Still, your “Yes” answers may not actually reflect the reality.
Please note that if anything is unsuccessful with your work, a “No” answer should have been given for one of the questions. This “no” answer should create different challenges to make you see what you are not aware of.

A Harmonious Relationship with Your Mother

“When men begin to understand the relationships of the universe that women have always known, the world will begin to change for the better.” —Lorraine Canoe, Mohawk Tribe
Bert Hellinger pointed out something acknowledged in the ancient sources of knowledge when he said, “Success in life depends on having a good relationship with your mother. Those who consider themselves greater than their mothers are bound to fail.”
I say, “It’s true that wealth and careers are related to the feminine principle, and the prime representative of the feminine principle is Mother Earth, followed by our mothers. Therefore, success and stability in business is only possible if you have a healthy relationship with the Earth and your mother.” Now, I ask you, “Do you really have a good relationship with your mother? Do you really give her the greatest place in your heart?”
Giving the greatest place in your heart to your mother means saying “Yes” to her, accepting her totally regardless of her occupation, her position in life, her past, her ancestors, the past of her ancestors, all of her behaviors you find weird, the way she talks, and her mistakes, without ever criticizing.
If you do this, you will have your mother’s complete support, yet this first step is not sufficient for certain success. You should also say, “Yes” to Mother Earth, accepting her existence, her present, and her future, just like with your own mother.
You should refrain from behaviors that might harm her, honoring her existence in everything you do. It is essential you cease any action that harms the environment or negatively affects the natural balance of life.
Avoid excuses like:

  • I’m an industrialist, and it’s extremely hard to work with environmentally friendly goods and services.
  • I’m an industrialist, and even though I try my best, it’s impossible to protect the ecological balance.
  • I don’t produce anything that harms anyone.
  • When working at my company, I have to do what my superiors tell me to do. What else can I do?

These excuses do not alter the fact that you are hurting, upsetting, and violating Mother Earth. She may have treated you kindly to this day, but for her continued support, we need to identify our mistakes and stop making them.
Say, “Yes” to the whole feminine principle, Mother Earth, and your own mother with all your heart and with all your being. You will immediately see the way to success has opened for you.

The Members of the Family

Bert Hellinger says that any individual who has lived, lives, or will live in the family has a right to belong. According to him, those who left the family or were alienated for whatever reason, as well as the miscarriages and abortions all have the same right to belong.
Someone may have been alienated or forgotten by the family long ago. In this situation, there is a need to reestablish the systematic integrity. Someone who belongs to the new generation, and is completely unaware of this situation from the past, may actually become entangled in the destiny of the person who was alienated and identify with this person.
In these cases, the two people experience similar problems in their lives. If the identification or entanglement is realized and the right to belong is returned to the first person, these recurring problems can be eliminated.
In some families, many members are alienated, so there may be cases where there aren’t enough representatives in the present generation. In these and similar cases, workplaces that are strongly related to the feminine principle might very well represent a member of the family who became alienated or forgotten, a sister who died at a young age, an aunt, or even a lover who promised to marry but later ran off.
If there is a similar situation in your family, you might have started your business with an urge to include him or her in the system again. Or, maybe your ancestors started it for that purpose, and the business was passed onto you. This would cause recurring problems in your workplace. The system would try to make you realize the situation by creating challenges, troubles, and problems, so you can see the story and include the alienated or forgotten person.

Serving Humanity

Your workplace and your business sector should be serving humanity, because the only customers you have are human beings. A simple principle should be followed here: Why do you do this job? What is your main purpose? Is it really to serve humanity? Or, are you saying, “They’ll buy whatever we sell, so let’s just think about how much we can make.” How do your employees feel?
You can understand if your business serves humanity or not by observing your relationship with your employees and clients. If your employees curse their jobs as they arrive at work and become bored in the workplace, they are actually reflecting one of your dark sides back to you. You can see yourself by looking at this and evaluating your honesty against your employees’ and the system as well.
If your employees are experiencing serious financial problems while you live the high life, or if you happily spend money on your own health issues while your employees suffer health problems because of shortcomings in the social security system and their financial situation, then it is time for you to identify the mistake and eliminate it.
Your customers should not be complaining about your monopolistic attitude. They should simply be happy with the quality of your products. If you deal in a free-market economy, there is great competition in every sense, so you can be sure that your client is loyal to you because of the quality of your products and the service you provide. An unhappy or dissatisfied customer would soon leave your company and work with another company that provides better quality.
Because each customer you lose will slow recruitment or lead to layoffs, your workplace will not be serving humanity. This situation foreshadows problems that will be encountered in future. On the other hand, if you can see it as an opportunity to improve your business by reorganizing its service, you will avoid the obstacles on your path.


There may be different reasons for why you should establish a partnership. Maybe the partner has better ideas, better facilities, or a greater investment capacity.
The initial circumstances are not that important—it’s what happens afterwards that counts. You have a big problem if you even consider cheating your partner, let alone putting it into action.
A partnership requires one partner to solicit other partners’ ideas at each step rather than taking steps without finding a consensus in order to preserve his or her own rights. Everyone knows about these principles, yet when one see it, he or she just gives in without questioning the situation for whatever reason.
There is another principle regarding partners and colleagues that is equally important, yet this is usually missed out. We could briefly describe it as “Whoever came first is privileged.”
Whether it is a family or institution, a hierarchy is extremely important in any system, and it should never be violated. According to the hierarchy:

  • The old are more privileged than the young.
  • Those who came before are more privileged than those who came later.
  • The hierarchy of rank comes after the “Whoever came first is privileged” principle.

Basically, a worker with the least important job in a company is still the most privileged if he is the oldest or began working in the company before anyone else. Another worker who might be more educated, more learned, or older must recognize this privilege, even though he has a higher rank.
Let’s say the CEO of a company left for some reason. He should be replaced with someone with the knowledge and skill to deserve the position. In this case, the next in rank has the initiative. However, if a new CEO is recruited from outside the company, he should have an appropriate attitude: “I came last, and I accept that I stand on the lowest step of the hierarchy. I respect your positions, but you should also respect me within the rank hierarchy.” If not, there will be resistance and blockage in the system, which may cause sudden, futile problems.
These principles apply to the hierarchy between partners as well. Even when the first partner has the highest rank, another partner who comes up with an idea for a specific project should be the one with the highest rank within this specific project. If another partner thinks he or she has all the necessary financial resources and equipment to make the project work without him, this will violate the hierarchy and there will soon be problems.

The Value of the Product

Everything, whether animate or inanimate, has a value, and so do your products. Market conditions are the most effective means to estimate the real value of a product.
After you establish the value of your product, it might seem appropriate to sell it at its lowest value combined with an advertising campaign in order to gain customers. However, it is certainly a mistake to discount it so much that it will threaten the existence of other companies. Moreover, it will harm you, your product, and your employees who work hard to produce and sell your product.
Those who say the product is inanimate and cannot be hurt are mistaken. The product itself has a drive to be liked and valued—it couldn’t exist otherwise. You will secure happiness for your workers and customers by selling your product at a price somewhere between the lowest and highest limits.
If your product is more expensive than it’s really worth, this will bring undeserved income and may cause unhappiness, just as happens with the lowest price. Respecting market principles will support you in taking powerful steps to maintain your product and your company.
The experiences of a Feng Shui Master can help us to understand it better. The master wants to satisfy his customers’ needs. He cannot hurt his customers because of his love for his “mission,” so he places a lion statute on each side of his workplace. Protected by the lions, the aim is to maintain steadiness in the workplace and eliminate his rivals by frightening them. It works, and the product, which is of high quality but also extremely expensive, becomes very successful. The new company then rapidly rises in the market.
After a short time, rival companies start to research why they are experiencing market difficulties. They learn it is because of the lion statues. They break one of the statutes by chipping off a part of its chest. The company with the lion statues begins to lose its status after this. When the owner understands why, he decides to replace the broken statue with a new one instead of learning from the situation. This time he fails and he loses his place in the market.
Here, we see the concurrent violation of many principles. The injustice of the competition, the expensiveness of the product, and a greater regard for the price of the product or personal benefit than the interests of the workers and customers are among the most remarkable ones. The system, which is called the market, will not allow so many violations at one time, so this is beyond the control of your own system. Even if it tolerates it for a time, it will not be able to bear it indefinitely, and it will begin to warn you. This is what happened in the example above, and everyone, including the Feng Shui master who tells the story, accepted their circumstances.
So, do you really sell your product at its true value?

How to Serve and to Whom

Please be extremely careful if you establish a charity of some kind, or if you work in such an organization.
These institutions have to ultimately seek profits to maintain their existence, no matter how lofty their aims may be. They need to maintain their existence to reach the result they aim for, so they need to seek profits.
Acquiring these profits should not involve harming anyone, and it should recognize the principles of hierarchy, product value, and so on. The service should benefit and honor humanity.
However, such organizations, which are often run by professional executives, tend to make profits in the same way that private institutions do. The success stories of managers, which will appear in their resumes, are valued more than the interests of the beneficiaries of the service. Moreover, the beneficiaries supported by the organization have a subconscious and undeserved gain, and this will create big problems.
Revealing what these beneficiaries receive from the organization or degrading them with an obligatory service will harm the whole system. So, it is a behavior that should be avoided. In short, if you help establish a charitable organization or participate in one, you should be extremely careful to not miss the real purpose.

Research and Development

As technology advances, there is an increasing need for new products. If your company works in the manufacturing sector, you should definitely establish an R&D department to create innovations, obey the rules, and feed the urge to advance your service to humanity. This is great.
However, you should also be careful not to violate the principle of hierarchy. It might create serious problems if you alienate a product that is tried and tested while researching a new one. You can manufacture in any field, use whatever the R&D department suggests, or consider the research of others. However, do everything to improve your product in a way that will prepare it for new technology. It has brought you to the point you are at now. Discontinuing the product that made your company successful might cause your company to collapse. There are many examples of companies that collapsed after abandoning their first product.
Those who ask the right questions get the right answers. Systematic constellation is a good candidate for supporting you in solving such problems in a very short time.