Some people misunderstand the spiritual path.
Going with the flow is nice, but real passengers still manage to swim in their own directions without resisting the flow.
Sure, it’s vital to stop resisting. This includes accepting without judging, but this doesn’t mean you have no choice.
The ego is a choice, and someone who makes a choice has an ego.
The ego should be disciplined, but eliminating it or releasing it carelessly to the flow does not serve the cosmos.
The cosmos does not want you to act like a leaf that gives itself up to the river—it wants you to be a seed looking for a suitable place to grow.
You should put effort into your choices without fighting for them. Even when the flow takes you in another direction, you should not lose the direction of your choices.
This makes you an actor who affects the scene in an impromptu fashion. In contrast, trying to change the direction of the water is not a healthy pursuit. Sure, you should have desires, but exerting influence to bring about their realization disrespects the system and its other parts.
Of course, we can pray or show some determination, and there are various techniques available for interfering with reality. We all have different abilities, but it is morally wrong to interfere.
People who promise such things are as guilty as those who sell the questions for an exam, and the ones who follow this path feel remorse, like those who cheat in their exams.
What’s more, any techniques that are described as being subconscious—such as quantum techniques, affirmations, breathing techniques, angel therapies, and so on—do not work if the subconscious is not clean. I am sorry to say it, but unless you clean your subconscious, you will be exposed to its limits and obstacles, as well as its traps.
Never look for a magic wand, and avoid those people who promise you one.
I remember a quote I learned at elementary school: “The one who studies gets the red apple.” Until the subconscious is clean, we are like children who do not know how to read and write.  We will continue to be like first grade students until we all learn to read.
I hope that I’ll meet you in an active and continuous flow that focusses on learning and experience rather than passiveness.