Based on my observations of our times, one of the most serious phobias is “the fear of peace.”
It’s such a limiting and confusing fear that when confronted with peace, which is the only solution to their problems, people react painfully, similar to how people with frostbite react to fire. They do this even though they are literally cracking under the pressure of their problems, which stem from unease, lost meaning in their relationships, corrupted potentials, and boring lives rather than ones filled with joy and excitement. They have become distanced from the meaning of life. Peace scares people. It sounds boring, meaningless, uninspired, and frightening. Despite the cause of their pain being their unease, the treatment for this suffering sounds so frightening that they prefer to let it worsen. What’s really cruel is how they regard teachers who offer a solution to their suffering as enemies and try to marginalize them.
People want their unease to continue, so they use drugs to sedate it instead. They want to continue using the Internet, living in mobile worlds, and satisfying themselves with all those empty TV shows, futile politics, meaningless arguments, religions, teachings, and beliefs. They crave admiration and praise, trying to satisfy their senses in a delirious way. They act according to their neurotic cravings, thinking themselves something other than they are and trying to convince other people of it, while still trying to be perfectly happy.
The fear of peace is the biggest fear of our times. The first thing it did was to make us humans impotent, and now it’s trying to trivialize us and make us lose our meanings. At this rate, it will soon decimate us.
I pray that all beings will awaken as soon as possible.

Cem Şen