When a mind overthinks, it unavoidably finds itself in a myriad of negative thoughts.
Before long, thoughts tend to gravitate toward criticizing, finding mistakes, judging, angering, envying, despairing, regretting, and worrying. A mind focused on negativity soon becomes oblivious to real solutions.
But what about a mind full of awareness, wakefulness, and observation? It doesn’t just produce thoughts. It sees connections, a network of relationships, and facts as they are. Calmness, joy, and peace accompany an awakened mind. Its thoughts are positive and solution oriented. Even more importantly, a waking mind can gain intuitive knowledge, the only tool needed to see the reality of things.
Abandoning awareness and wakefulness in favor of a mind full of thoughts is a habit that drags us into sadness and suffering. It doesn’t mean we think right just because we have a mind, just like how we can’t run marathons just because we have feet, can’t sing the blues just because we have a mouth, and can’t cook like a Michelin chef just because we appreciate food. We have to hone our skills to achieve these things.
Thinking right is also an ability that needs development and enhancement. The right thoughts can turn into a tool to take us Home, onto the Path itself. Thinking right is the ability gained from a tranquil, aware, and observant mind.
Everything in today’s world regards a silent mind as a disadvantage. This is why it’s harder to be happy now than it was in the past. Even though it may be harder, it’s still possible with the right devotion, effort, and method. This effort is the Path you must take before wasting another moment of your precious life. This happens to be my Path, as well as everyone else’s.