Let’s look from a different perspective today. Let’s leave behind what we already know, the things we were taught to believe, and let’s embark on a journey.
You must have heard about how each snowflake is unique, with no two snowflakes ever being the same. If we relate this to the infinite nature of God’s creation, we could say this is like His dissimilarity to any other being. Bearing this in mind, there would be little point in being born into this world over and over again if we always took on a similar version of ourselves.God also definitely doesn’t need the same beings to be reincarnated repeatedly.
For the sake of argument, let’s assume that every being is reincarnated here on Earth to fulfil his or her potentials. Now, let’s explore this a little deeper…

So, what is this thing called reincarnation? Does it really exist?

All experiences occur in order to understand the infinity within entwined universes, and repeating them would not help. To establish continuance, it needs to take a multi-dimensional form. This is not a repetition, though. What may appear to be repetition is actually the formless one experiencing every experience itself through various versions, and this is essential for it to evolve. In a nutshell, this is what we call reincarnation.
Parallel universes, whether perceived from the 1st, 15th, or 21st century, have a deep meaning. The Divine is experiencing its infinity, such is its desire to know itself, with all its versions in the multiverse. The one affected by forming itself (i.e., the self) also experiences itself. It experiences both the high and the low vibrations concurrently. This means that the low-frequency incidents (the ones we define as “bad”) are also experienced through a high-frequency version in another dimension. This is why every experience we encounter here has to exist alongside an absolute similar, both to balance itself and prepare our rise.
What really matters is to become aware of the self, so it’s crucial that we notice the “I”s we  form in parallel universes. We can activate this awareness by generating thought waves, and we can call on them in order to unite as a whole.

Communicating with other selves in parallel universes

Let’s say that in a parallel universe, there’s some blocked energy from an incident way back in the 2nd century. Now, let’s say this is affecting our life here as well. To remove this clutter, it is vital that we reach out to our life there and apply our practices. Otherwise, like with broken plumbing, the energy leaking into our current life will create imbalance here in order to create balance. This should not be considered bad in itself, though. Universal justice created this so all beings can awaken to their own wholeness and make themselves real. There is actually an amazing harmony in this apparent imbalance.

Now, if you wonder how we can practice this, it’s simply through breathing exercise.

Exercise No. 1:

Gently take soft, deep breaths and focus on the cluttered energy here. This could be problems with matters like money, health, or relationships. Just focus on your problem. Remember, the lowest vibrational energy will be stuck here, with its higher version existing in the parallel universe. It exists there just as it does here, but it has already been dealt with. Now, think about calling it here.
“Come and be whole with me. Spread the higher vibration here as well. Guide me, both for my own benefit and for the benefit of the whole.”
Remain silent and wait without doubt.
You’ll likely receive visions after a short while. As I said, do not doubt. It may not happen straight away, and you may not experience that frequency right away. Do not force it. If you don’t feel anything the first time, just try it again. If the vision begins, ask your “I” in that frequency to balance the low frequency here. A smile will assure that the vibration increases and promote confidence in yourself. Be prepared for incidents developing at the same time, and watch your dreams.
Exercise No: 2:
While taking deep, soft breaths, we can gently call upon our other “I” in the higher consciousness to guide our enlightenment here. It is prepared for it and ready to communicate.
This is actually my own awareness in my own consciousness, which I call spiritual sequencing. Although it follows the same logic as family sequencing, which many people may be familiar with, the crucial point of spiritual sequencing is that it goes beyond the continuance of our ancestors as defined in our consciousness. In other words, as those who gave birth to our ancestors, we are the greatest proof of our own continuance. If we become aware of our most spiritually developed ancestral energy, we can communicate with it and move forward to create a new “I.”We can be the one who activates our previous lives through our DNA, conscious of the fact that our spiritually evolved ancestor was born into this body at the same time, even though it is dead.
So, for our own provident consciousness to open up, we can remain as observers of the birth from self to self. In this sense, we also become aware of how we can educate ourselves, and this great reminiscence begins to flow, expanding with the energy of effortlessness and the continuance of wisdom. This means the rise of the recurring one to a higher consciousness.
Does God recur?
There’s a saying we are all very familiar with: “History has a habit of repeating itself.”
Keeping this in mind, look at the latest coup attempt in Turkey on the 15th of July this year. Now, almost 100 years ago, on the 28th of July, 1914, World War I started. We should not consider the month of July to be a mere coincidence. In a destructive way, this war shaped the world and caused alliances to form. Even though this war lasted more than four years and cost numerous lives, history repeated itself with World War II not too long after.
World War I had rather distinctive characteristics compared to prior wars. This war was the strongest and most brutal human discovery of the modern ages, an “Overall War.” The wars before the 20th Century were fought at one significant front. The people of the fighting countries generally did not directly feel the effects of war. Mostly they would have to deal with a lack of food and other necessities. But World War I changed the entire situation. Assaults beyond the fronts, sabotages, and similar war tactics made it impossible for people to have order throughout their daily lives.
65,038,810 soldiers went to war from all countries. According to official statements, there were 8,556,315 dead, 21,219,452 wounded, and 7,750,945 soldiers reported missing in action or taken prisoner. World War I did not resolve the problems among the countries, and as a result of treaties with severe conditions, ideologies such as nationalism, fascism, and national socialism emerged and prepared the ground for World War II.
Does this sound familiar?
If death is really mandatory in order to live in a world where there is no winning or losing, then this is exactly where we should be looking. Could set cycles that repeat themselves be the symbol for rebirth and new beginnings? Let’s look at what Deepak Chopra has to say on the subject:
Your skin cells die once a month. Stomach cells die every five days. Immune cells, for instance in the blood, die every 120 days. They exist for such a short period, but they know how to attack bacteria. Actually, every immune cell takes a look at the germ and says, “Hey, I’ve seen this guy before. Actually, I didn’t, but what did my grandpa do with him?” This is because the memory of the previous cell is transferred into the new cell’s memory. Likewise, DNA is the hard disk of evolution’s memory. Yet DNA matter occurs every six weeks and then vanishes. Thus, what comes to life through recycling is a MATRIX OF MEMORY; this, in my own deep consciousness perception, is not in the brain or in the body. It’s not settled somewhere; it’s in the consciousness, and consciousness does not occupy a place in space and time. We are the re-living of consciousness. If we can understand that, then death and rebirth are CREATIVITY in its truest sense. Always creating new content, new meaning, new relationships. I avoid using the term reincarnation, because then we get lost in religious ideologies. (2)
If we then relate this to our own topic, what’s the actual aim of Divine recurrence? Could it be to complete the game and evolve to a higher level of consciousness through the lower consciousness repeating experiences? Otherwise, instead of the snowflake example at the start of this article, we constantly encounter a virtual recurrence, an illusion of reincarnation, and we remain beings who repeat themselves but never recur.
So, is this recurrence a necessity? Yes it is.
Once the self experiences itself, it simultaneously experiences all its versions in the consciousness of now and thus begins to know itself. The experience that seems to be repeating is actually not the same in this sense, and once it knows wholeness through all its versions, it returns to the formless area and reunites with the Divine, with the source, with itself, which has no end and no beginning.
To sum it all up, the recurrence of the divine conscious exists to express its own unique oneness through infinite dimensions. Once the Divine consciousness opens up, reincarnation does not cause lives to repeat themselves, yet a consciousness of remembering being “I” occurs.
In other words, God remembers himself. This is of course the transcendence of the formless one wrapping itself into a new form for a new beginning. Could we then say that the game begins all over again, but with a brand new awareness this time?
What did you do to know yourself?
I questioned.
Did you learn when you questioned?
I always got the same answer.
What was it?
Where did you expand?
To my other I’s.
Did you ask new questions once you got your answers?
Who are you?

Every new answer became a new I.
Who is this new I?
The one who goes to no repetition from all repetition.
Who comes and goes?
I am that I.
Who said that?
From all parallel aspects, the one that expresses itself as I am ME.”
Who are you?

Esra Erdogan