It is said that for seven years, we exchange karma with the person we have intercourse with, and this is called womb hooks.
My question is, though, how can we clean this up ourselves? Would you like to share what you know about the subject?
As a result of the information we receive about sexuality, especially from professional authorities, the self-knowledge that exists within the being has been pushed far away, so it cannot even be remembered any longer.
In the womb is hidden a precious essence, and that essence consists of light, love, and healing. Whichever direction you steer your mind, this becomes your reality.
The womb, no matter what karma is, is defined by an extraordinary alchemy that can transform everything. It has a program that executes rapid transformation codes.
If the womb is not acknowledged, if there is no trust in its ability to transform, and if the mind resists the natural healing potential of the body, sex may turn into a risky experience. In such situations, toxic energy would spread, taking the form of sexually transmitted viruses, and harm to the other person may become inevitable.
Another existential truth lies behind what is seen as a desire to unite physically—it is the urge to gravitate toward the space of experience, and this arises from a longing for a union between the spirit and the parts that are gateways to divine unity. Once you go delve further into the superficial functionality of sexual tools, you may wake up to the power of this part as a means of creation and steer your mind toward the reality of its alchemy, accepting it as a blessed relic. You would no longer open it up to everyone and everything, randomly and unconsciously.
Leave your conditionings behind, the ones bound with mental instructions that transmit to the past and delay the future. Wake up to the divinity of the genitals and their alchemy and trust this extraordinary mechanism. Without a doubt, it is extremely selective, but it continually sends signals.