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the giver

The Giver 

Khalil Gibran once said the following: You give but little when you give of your possessions. True giving is when you give of yourself. For what are your possessions other than mere things that you keep and guard in fear of future destitution? And do…

loving your desires

Loving Your Desires 

Q: As I’m feeling the love towards everything and everyone including the body, I m feeling that I am this LOVE itself with no beginning or end. Even as thoughts of my financial  situation or relationship come up, I’m finding myself touching those images with…



The Turkish word “çile,” which translates as “ordeal,” means 40 in its Farsi origins. For any knowledge to be transformed into consciousness, meaning that it can be used confidently, some 40 days, 40 repetitions, or 40 tests (whichever your prefer) is needed. For this very…

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