Remembering yourself as an artist—a master and a creator—lies within admitting your own resources.

Your sexual energy is a resource from your essence. You can reach this resource only by understanding, accepting, and loving the sexual nature of your being. Your sexual energy does not just motivate you to engage in physical intercourse—it also fosters experiences of peace, abundance, prosperity, love, and unity. There is no distinction between the sexual and the spiritual, and it is the mind that places one above the other. Life itself begins with the genitals, the very symbol of sexual energy, and this is why your genitals are sacred. If you got a grasp on the real meaning of life, you would get an idea of the meaning and power of sexuality as well.

We assume life is the mechanical perception of our conditioned minds. We perceive it as a mundane concept comprising basic principles like reproduction, birth, death, nutrition, and care. We know that we breathe, and throughout our journey toward death, we are responsible for meeting our basic needs as we socialize and gather comforts with material assurances. As a result of this delusion, though, we deny the power and importance of our sexual energy, and we ignore it. The nature of sexuality is not just about giving life, however. It’s also about protecting, nurturing, growing, sharing, and dignifying life.

How alive is the life you live? How satisfied do you feel? Do you wake up each day feeling fresh without any inner distress? Do you experience the excitement of being alone? Do you feel complete in the time and space you occupy, without needing to plan the next moment? Are you trapped in a heavy body burdened with sorrow and fatigue, or do you feel light enough to resist gravity with joy?

The formula that makes life livable is simple, and forgetting that you possess this formula lies within this simplicity. The artificial intelligence of the mind focuses on the difficult, so it likes to hang onto thoughts that make life difficult. Yet the simple formula for peace and serenity lies between your legs, the center of your creation. All this time, you perceived its call as a constant incomprehensible demand. You never really paid attention, although you tried to understand the mystery behind its call to you.

Offering a perfect life where you can feel entirely good, the sexual side of your energy takes action and constantly invites you to join life.

In order to hear that call, you need to purify yourself from all those misperceptions of sexuality that you falsely created in your mind, all the guilt and shame you inflicted upon yourself. You must trace the scars left from the other times you felt the call, so you can remedy your resentment. You can start this right here and now. You can regain the inner connection you lost somehow. You can get back in touch with your feelings and steer your attention—including all that energy that pours outside and is wasted—and direct it all inside again.

You can always be in contact with the source and readily make conscious choices. You can be the master of your frequently changing emotions and thoughts, rather than being dragged down by them. All you need to do to start is accept that you cut yourself off from the spring water of your life and take responsibility for all your actions. Taking responsibility is the adult thing to do, and only an adult has a sexual maturity that brings great satisfaction. Before beginning our affirmations to help you remember your choices, first direct your attention to between your legs. This will help you to bring the focus of your energy onto your center of life. To deepen your awareness, focus on your anal and genital muscles, and start a motion by tightening and releasing them. This resembles how you control your urinary and bowel movements. The nature of breathing is that it reaches there with every breath. Every time you tighten your muscles, observe your breath. Without forcing anything, slowly tighten and release your muscles, while observing the movement of your breath.

This meditation is designed to repair your mind’s flawed perception of sexuality and create a new image of it. In an environment where you feel calm and relaxed, sit or lie down with your arms and legs free. Throughout this meditation, observe how your body reacts and watch your emotions. If insistent thoughts arise, accept them in an understanding way, and remember that these thoughts do not belong to you. Then let them go. You can repeat this meditation as often as you like and for as long as you like.

Every time you tighten your muscles, breathe in, and then release them while breathing out. The natural flow of your breath should reach that point with every inhale and exhale. Every time you tighten your muscles, breathe in, and then breathe out and relax. Each time you breathe in, slowly tighten your muscles, and then release the muscles and breathe out.

Every time you tighten, observe where your breath extends to, and every time you breathe out, be aware of the space you are emptying.

What fills you as breath, your life, reaches out to your sexual center, the beginning of life. This is natural and necessary.

Focus completely and pay attention to what I say, repeating after me:

My sexual energy is the source of my life. I cannot separate it from the Creator.

My sexual energy is creation, the same as the Creator’s. I cannot separate it from the Creator.

My sexual energy is intelligence, and I cannot separate my intelligence from the Creator.

My sexual energy is strength, and I cannot separate my strength from the Creator.

My sexual energy is the love that represents my desire to be One, and I cannot separate love from the Creator.

My sexual energy is the freedom that uplifts me, and I cannot separate my soul from the Creator.

I accept my reality is hidden within the sexual, and without dividing, disrupting or separating it, it is as it is, as am I.

All my mind’s prejudices against sexuality exhaust my life force and waste my energy. I cannot allow this.

My sexual energy helps me see my desires and my passions, to accept them and use them consciously.

All my outer world experiences are an expression of my relationship with my sexual energy. My healthy life energy creates a happy reality.

I know I limit my sexuality with my past memories. I release myself from the guilt of my memories right now.

I give up blaming myself and feeling like a sinner because of the sexual desires in my mind. I know I’m not alone. My thoughts are not my real identity. They come and they go.

Life is a blessing of the world, and the livelihood it contains is sexual. I know this livelihood is a blessing, so I claim and protect it.

Sex is just an expression of my sexual energy. Sexual energy in itself is not a sexual act. I choose to release this thought that obscures my life source right now.

Sex is a tool to help me to get to know and understand my life force. The real prize is to experience this taste through sex in every breath I give and take.

All the concepts, symbols, and messages that convey sex are everywhere, in every minute. I choose to be awake and conscious of them, but I do not allow them to penetrate into my mind and direct me to act on them subconsciously.

I make all my sexual decisions consciously, and no matter what my choices are, I know the love of the Creator is with me.

No matter what my choices are, I know the love of the Creator is with me.
I know that the love of the Creator is with me.

I know that love is with me.

I know that I am love.

I am love.

Love is me.