If you had the chance to be a mother’s daughter from the moment you were born, who was a spiritual channel, you will have grown up with an awareness of how so many things in the world are shaped by human beings while still being independent from them.

Once you realize how much the concept of the “self” in life is actually a strong identity, the process of finding that identity is the essence of life itself. Then, once you discover how much you’ve changed and transformed the system while searching for that “self,” you realize how much you are a part of the divine power. You also realize how you are an intermediary of God in the process of creation.

The concept of the self is the process of remembering throughout life the things you forgot when you were born. Psychologists, writers, spiritual teachers, and even scientists are all looking for this as well, and they act as a tool in the process of revealing the “self.”

For me, the greatest benefit of growing up with Sufism was learning how strong and wise the soul is. So, I have always tried to show people the power of their own self. I wanted to differentiate all the concepts of “right” and “wrong.” We often do not even realize how our social and cultural codes work subconsciously, how we adhere to those codes, and how we subconsciously transgress our self in the meantime.

The Dalai Lama said, “The world needs more healers,” and this is perhaps more accurate today. The psychology, the esoteric sciences, and other sciences actually say the same thing with different words and bring nothing new. Generation Y in the academy corresponds to the Indigo Children, while generation Z coincides with the Crystal Children. Their mission is to break down the existing dysfunctional order and establish a new system that is warmer, more unifying, more indigenous, more affectionate, and free of egotistical structures.

All definitions made in the fields of management and marketing for Generation Y are in fact the same as those for the Indigo Children. Science and wisdom say the same thing with different definitions and sentences. The children of Generation Y, who themselves were born between about 1980 and 2000, resist the system and dislike its boundaries, because their own self, their birth codes, and even the causes of their existence were present much earlier than they were born and laid the foundation for the order to be reorganized. Those born after 2000 (Generation Z) can therefore establish a new system.

This is where the concept of the self comes into our lives. In order to translate the human you are into the world and enable him or her to fulfill the real mission, you must first know that real “self” with all its fears, wishes, loves, dislikes, and belief patterns. Only then can we meet in a land beyond concepts of right and wrong and build the new order.

When you realize how much you achieve as a single person in a world population of over seven billion people, it has great meaning for your own microenvironment. When you leave the feeling of worthlessness that you feel in the midst of the crowded world, everything that you realize starts to evolve.
Do not be afraid of realizing that all your fights were the results of the high ego’s deceptions, which you believed to be the “self.” Instead, it is very easy to be together and transform it into something you don’t expect it to be, and the only thing the world needs is people who are not afraid to take responsibility for transforming their own “self” and  gaining understanding.

Interrogate your righteous concepts, and remember that your misconceptions may be the truth of others. The supreme reality is only divine values, and the names of God are embodied in behavior.

We are soul passengers preparing the world for the next phase. We have duties, and in the meantime, we complete our own evolution.

With love…