It was 2002. It all began when I was initiated into the second level of Reiki. After my initiation, I practiced with my Reiki master, Gülüm Omay. I first wondered about giving her Reiki energy to help her quit smoking, but her Higher Self did not allow me. I released myself to see what would happen, and I suddenly found myself in a distant galaxy making contact with the beings there. There was a connection between Gülüm and these beings, because she recognized them when I described them to her later. They had ethereal bodies with no definite shape, their energy glowed pink, and their cities were littered with palatial crystal buildings.
When they began to talk with me, they said, “If you will allow us, we would like to transmit a message to Gülüm’s body through your body. This will not be a verbal message but rather something she will experience the influences of for the rest of her life.”
I consented, and some kind of energy suddenly entered my body. I began trembling while giving Reiki to Gülüm, and others watched me with surprise. A very different and very strong energy was flowing to Gülüm through my hands. She asked me, “What the hell is going on, Hasan?” At that moment, I was talking with my body. It was saying, “Please bear this a little longer. Don’t worry. It won’t harm you.” I was breathing some kind of pink energy that was beating like a heart. When the transmission ended, I told Gülüm what had happened. I felt extraordinary, but it wasn’t over yet.
The channel was still open, and the beings told me, “If you will allow us, we would like to purify your body and bless you with a new form of energy.” I consented again and suddenly saw a new being, presumably their leader. He held a pink crystal that he used to start cleaning my body. This crystal was also ethereal. It touched my chakras first, and then they pulled it through my body, starting at my first chakra and moving toward my seventh.
They announced, “We will draw you into a crystal if you permit.” I again agreed, curious to see what would happen. I then suddenly felt my body encased in a coffin-like crystal structure. There were crystals on each of my chakras, together with a crystal that went from my buttocks to my head. I felt my spiritual body being swept up like dust up a vacuum cleaner. Something was destroying my body and restructuring it. Incidentally, my physical body was feeling hot all over. I couldn’t stay there any longer, so I pleaded with the beings, “Can we postpone this please? I’m not ready for it. I can’t bear it anymore.” I then felt relief as they followed my request. I then left the training session and didn’t try to contact the beings for the rest of the day.
When I returned to Ankara early the next morning, I again made contact with the beings. They said to me, “We would like to help the building of a new energy network on Earth, Hasan, a crystal-energy network. We know how to use this technology, and we can help you. We are parts of the almighty, just like you. Please, don’t misunderstand us. We’re the same as you, just more technologically advanced. The planet Earth has reached the crystal-energy level, so everything is ready for the network. Crystal children are already ready for this new network, but we need to prepare the others. There will be a main crystal, secondary crystals, tertiary crystals…”
In the coming days, I experienced some strange things. I was able to communicate with the pink beings whenever I wanted to. I asked for their help in healing. I mentioned them in my mail group, and the pinks became famous. After my experience with the pinks, I was able to see past lives just by touching someone. I could even see past lives just by seeing a person.
I didn’t realize what I was using, however. I really overused it when I gave past-life descriptions at a friend’s party for two long hours. Everyone was naturally interested in learning about their past-life experiences, but I was so exhausted I couldn’t even stand. Gülüm then told me, “Stop it, Hasan. That’s enough.” My healer, Zeynep Sevil Guven, also warned me, “You don’t know what you’re doing, Hasan. You should stop.” Just seeing the past lives of a few people exhausted me. My energy was drained, and I had seen things that were good but also lots of blood and tears…
The next day, Zeynep Sevil told me, “Hasan, this is caused by overstimulation of the third chakra. You work with energies, but you don’t know how to protect yourself. What you’re doing is so dangerous, just diving into the karma of others like that. If you want to be a past-life regression therapist, that’s fine, but go and get some training because what you are doing now is not a game.” I could still hardly stand, but Sevil did everything she could to help me. I also asked for help from my pink friends. Still barely able to walk, I returned to Ankara.
I was terribly ill when I returned to Ankara. I was bedridden for three weeks, and my soul was vomiting black ashes. I just couldn’t recover despite taking medicine and working with my energies. By the end of the third week, I finally felt better. I told myself, “Do you need to be a healer? No! So, why do you experiment with all these things? I won’t have anything to do with past lives anymore. Dear Pinks, thank you, but I can’t help you. It’s not my path. I will continue in the media aspect of spirituality. I will write and publish, but I will not be a healer.”
From that day on, I only practiced Reiki when I really needed to. I rarely try to see past lives, just whenever it’s really needed. Becoming a healer is just not my path.
This experience taught me we should not be so keen to experiment in every technique. There are many healing techniques. Some of them are really helpful, while others have different aims. On the other hand, everything in the cosmos is made of energy, and all these techniques have influences. I’ve known many people become crazy or suffer illnesses because they dealt with unhealthy energy systems. I’ve also known many people who have experienced miracles and really been healed.
Because of this, I am always cautious about healing and healers. I only give myself up to those I really trust. I do not trust all healers, and I never indulge in channeling energies anymore. You may think I’m afraid, but I just know how influential they can be. I also do not want to practice with people who don’t know what they are doing. I choose not to work with channeling unknown energies. I’ve even had some difficulties working with Reiki. I understand the Pinks were good healers, but it was all just too much for me. I just thank them for the experience they gave me.
In short, being a healer is no simple thing. You may get some genuine benefit if you work with a real healer, but you may also suffer from working with a novice one. I advise you not to jump onto all healing-related training. Just see if the energy of a healer works for you or not and take your time.
Wishing you good health forever…

Hasan Sonsuz