We live in an era where nothing will be as it was before. We are heading toward a period when we will question all of our values, assumptions, relationships, and systems, and new ones will replace the old ones. We will see substantial changes in the international structure of countries, and the balance between the super powers will shift. We are approaching the end of source-control methods, politics, culture and philosophy, and scientific and religious beliefs, which are all dominated by Western culture. In my books Transformation Time and The Great Awakening, I explained using astrological indicators that we were at the brink of a highly difficult period from 2010 to 2016. During this period, I explained we would witness crises in economics, religion, and ideology. Some regions would declare their independence, and there would be physical and spiritual changes. Of course, there would be difficulties when the economic and physical environment, which we are used to, changes. However, these crises help us to rediscover who we are and establish a new world. During this fateful period, humanity needs to make a major decision. These changes are our cosmic destiny, but our approaches and actions will determine if these changes will be harsh or moderate. Our world and our spiritual evolution is linked to the choice we are about to make. It is us who must navigate this period and save ourselves. Our conscious choices will determine if this will be a good or bad transition.
This frighteningly strong change could be our only chance to protect ourselves from devastation. It is now time to evaluate how we live on our planet and consume its resources, to take responsibility for our lives, to become aware of the Divine Order, to correct our faults, and to make radical adjustments. If we resist this change, chaos, crises, and devastation will follow. We have to open ourselves to a peaceful and sustainable way of life. We have to successfully unite in love, respect, tolerance, fairness, gratitude, mercy, and self-improvement. Positive feelings—such as appreciation, mercy, forgiveness, and joy—increase our frequency,  enabling humanity to align with the frequency of the world. It is said that the Schumann resonance has increased from 7.8 Hz to 9-11 Hz and is expected to increase further to 13 Hz, which is the frequency of unconditional love. Unconditional love is possible only once we can tolerate each other. We then find the opportunity to act together in maintaining better conditions for our world. Our world is our common home, and protecting it should be our common aim.
Most of humanity should break the cycles of social and economic difficulty, cultural intolerance, and environmental abuse. To achieve this, the human consciousness should change first. Scientists claim we are about to experience an inevitable pole shift, which should also be a shift in collective consciousness. We need to rid ourselves of dualities that make us polarized. We cannot survive in an order that dominates other cultures using various control methods. Instead of a few people managing the rest, we need to learn to cooperate and use our potential to re-create. We need to transform the poles of our minds and emphasize a real partnership where everyone has equal rights. We need to guide our collective consciousness toward balance, cooperation, and endless peace, planning projects to achieve these.

To Unite with a Single Purpose

The Mayans named the period starting December 21, 2012 as “the period of uniting with a single purpose.” Entering into the Age of Aquarius also points to the same concept. If we make the right choice, feelings of a united consciousness, equality, and justice will be empowered. We are entering an era when mankind will evolve further. Oneness, which depends on serving others, will be the element that accelerates the dawning of this new era. Those who follow this path will be ready to experience the fifth dimension. The children of our days are already on this path, and they will help to increase the world’s transformation frequency. We must stop following the path of serving ourselves, because this creates duality and leads us to be egocentric and power hungry. Serving the needs of others is the best way to increase our frequency. Of course, while focusing on the needs of the whole, we should balance it with our own basic needs. Within this polarity, our minds will shift from duality to oneness. As a result, our consciousness and perception will change, and this will help us to open our souls to multidimensional awareness. If we choose the right path, we will see great developments in consciousness in addition to those in science and technology.
Every 5,200 years, small changes occur, and every 26,000 years, big changes occur. We face two of them today. Ancient civilizations knew these changes would continue, and they left ample hints to prepare us. They left considerable information that we haven’t learned yet or have only just started to discover. They were not primitive or wild people. They tried to inform us about this transitional period, and this is why we need to realize that it is no ordinary period. With the help of the change we will live through, all the systems we built up in the last 5,200 years, which do not serve us anymore, will come to an end. The first to end will be the unfair economic system, which is based on ambition and greed. It is time to change our paradigms and habits based on individualism and unnecessary consumption, both individually and collectively. By taking advantage of this period, we can rid ourselves of all the devastating beliefs that create illness and limit our lifespans, separate us, create wars, and shatter our world. It is time to unite with a single purpose!

To Free our Minds

To achieve all this, we need to free our minds. Freeing our minds means removing our limits, which prevent us from evolving and understanding universal principles and using our brains in a more functional way. With the weakening of the magnetic field, we can accept the changes easily and be open to new thoughts; our minds will open up to universal experiences, and we will experience a jump to become aligned with different perspectives of reality, and as a result, we will be able to reach a higher level of consciousness. There are multiple levels of consciousness, and the one we are aiming to reach is to know the Creator, to realize the divine order and the cosmic plan and its rules, to realize the possibilities and abilities of humanity within this system. It is time to rediscover our abilities and expand our capabilities. As we evolve to higher levels of consciousness, our minds will be freed, and we will move beyond the boundaries of time and space, gaining a smoother perception.
December 21, 2012 is a very important day, because it is both an end and a beginning. However, the attitudes and choices of humanity are crucial factors in determining when this inevitable change will occur. The trends of the future and the timing of the transition are tied to the choices we make today. That’s why instead of focusing on only the year 2012, we should focus on the present moment, because this includes both past and future in its meaning. To make the right choices, we need to free our minds, stay away from our fears and worries, and learn to listen to our inner voices as soon as possible. During this process, our hearts will be our best guides. We need to be closer to our real selves and spirits, because we are very far from them at the moment.
The planetary combinations that took effect in the summer of 2010 show humanity will face some shocking realities about its origin. When humans realize where they come from and where they are heading to, they may experience a jump in consciousness. If we willingly produce the right energy, we may jump out of the magnetic field that is limited to the Earth. We may see events from a wider perspective and have the chance to pass to a higher level of individual evolution.
During this transformation, there will be many differences between our past and current ideas about how we live on and perceive our planet. We need time for these changes to click into place, and one of the greatest changes will be the change in our perception of time. To this day, we believe that time is linear and based on cause and effect. We believe the future is always a result of the past. Perhaps the ancient civilizations, especially the Mayans, tried to tell us that we would eliminate our obsessions about time and realize its depth and nature during 2012. The highest reality is synchronicity. According to the esoteric knowledge, this period will carry us to the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is defined as a frequency of energy that is not bound to time and where thoughts occur and wholeness is experienced. This means that a new concept of energy will step in.
The Energy Change
The energy change we will experience on the eve of the Age of Aquarius will help the rapid evolution of humanity, enabling us to escape from the mindsets that prevent us from understanding the universal principles and using our brains more functionally.  We will discover different life forms and levels of consciousness, and with the help of these, we will be able to eliminate our conflicts caused by low levels of consciousness. To achieve this, we must learn how to control our feelings. Hate, anger, anxiety, sadness, fear, and jealousy decrease our frequency and create energy for chaos. We have to become free of these feelings. We should be aware that we reflect our energy and try to reflect softness and love, creating an awareness of oneness. In astrology, these features are linked with feminine principles.
Venus lies at the focal point of the December 21, 2012 chart, showing that feminine energy, which has been behind masculine energy during recent history, will gain power and a balance will be achieved. In addition to the planetary placements in this chart, Neptune will enter Pisces, and there will be an important aspect between Uranus and Pluto. This shows that women will play an important role in this transitional period, maybe even as leaders.
The new energy system we are heading toward causes time to move faster. We have already begun to feel it runs faster than before. We can also see this in the planetary combinations. The planets, Sun, and Moon have some electromagnetic influence on the Earth, and time runs faster because of changes in these influences. We will continue experiencing the acceleration of time, and we will see that the time between cause and effect will become shorter. We will see the results of our positive actions sooner, so we have to be cautious with our actions and intentions, because what we think and what we intend to do will manifest earlier than we expect, affecting our destinies. We should remember these words from Mahatma Gandhi:
Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

Our Perceptions, Consciousness, and Bodies are Transforming

Our perception and awareness are experiencing a speedy phase of development. This shows that our telepathic abilities and intuitions will be stronger, which is the most significant feature of humanity in the Age of Aquarius. Our bodies are also transforming, so we have to take care of our physical and mental health. Stress and negative feelings affect our DNA,  preventing our development, so we should avoid environments that create stress and negatively affect us, preferring environments where we can strongly perceive the vibrations of love. As a result, our health will become stronger, and despite the negative events, we will be able to stay calmer and focus better.
At this stage, we have to understand the link between consciousness and the body and the interaction between the magnetic fields and us. According to Elizabeth Rauscher, an astrophysicist and nuclear scientist who invented a magnetic detector that can sense tiny variations in the magnetic field of the Earth’s atmosphere, and her husband William Van Bise, magnetic fields affect us and we also affect the magnetic fields. The results of this couple’s research conducted at the HeartMath Institute (a nongovernmental organization established to discover the potentials of the human heart) showed that even if we are unaware of it, the heart diffuses an electromagnetic field and affects its environment at an energetic level. This is why we are affected by each other’s moods, attitudes, and feelings. This research also shows that if our hearts are harmonized, we can synchronize with other people and have a more relaxing environment. (You can find detailed information at www.heartmath.org.)
During this difficult transitional period, the most important factor to avoid is fear. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, a fearful environment triggers chemical signals such as cortisol, neurofinerine, and histamine, harming us. An environment full of love triggers signals such as serotonin, oxytocin, and growth hormones, which help us. If we replace fear with love, we can overcome the crises of this transitional period and move to the upper level of consciousness. Loving and serving each other will increase our frequency and prepare us for the transitional period.
We are Connected to Each Other and Everything Else
We are all one, and we are the cells of humanity. During this transitional period, we are all needed, and we all need each other. According to quantum physics and membrane theory, we are independent of time but linked with each other and everything else. Humans do not only have a relationship between each other but also with the Sun and the energetic field of the Earth. All living things are connected to each other, and we communicate with each other through biological and electromagnetic fields. Throughout history, cultures such as the Egyptian, Hopi, Indian, Mayan, Aztec, and Chinese civilizations accepted this link and believed that collective attitudes were affected by the Sun. The ancients said, “As above, so it is below” and informed us how we are not only linked with each other but with the cosmos as well. Astrology is based on the same principle, and this informs us about the quality of these links.
New Age physics rediscovered this. There is an energetic interaction in the form of a cyclic resonance between humanity and the Earth and between the Earth and the Sun. We are diffusing energy that affects the vibration of the Earth, and the Earth transmits this energy to the Sun. The Sun then sends it to the celestial bodies and the Galactic Center. This chain returns from the Galactic Center to the Sun and then to the planets, including the Earth, and finally returns to us. So, everything in the cosmos is related to each other, and when we realize this, our consciousness expands and we become active contributors within the cosmos. All these interactions show that not only do the outside factors affect us, but we also affect the outside factors. According to the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University, scientist Roger Nelson and his colleagues propose an idea: “Not only are humans affected by the energy fields of planets, but the energy system of the Earth is also affected by the collective emotions and consciousness of humanity. The planetary field is formed by the people’s collective consciousness.” (Source: www.glcoherence.org)

Focusing on the Ideal Future

The Age of Aquarius will require us to accept our responsibilities and strongly involve ourselves in the process. Instead of remaining passive and weak, feeling like victims and waiting for better times, we need to be involved in the process of creating our reality with better conditions, and we need to take responsibility for our own creations. I believe that 2012 is a transformation point in the evolution of consciousness and a cosmic window of opportunity. From this window, it is time to see what we hope to happen, not the things that will happen. We need to focus on the best future to leave to our children rather than a world of many possibilities. We need to really believe in this idea. We need to have the courage to change the beliefs that manage our lives, block our free will, and prevent us from using our power. We need to understand the real power and control is within us. This is what we should achieve. Our level of consciousness will determine the direction of the change. Our beliefs will let our bodies and minds be used strongly, because belief is the engine of creation!
According to Edgar Cayce, “The mind is the creator.”. This is the biggest gift given to us by the Creator, and we can always do more with this gift. By using the power of our mind, we can use energy’s capacity to affect materials and create our ideal reality. If we change our minds to reach the ideal future, if we can use our imagination better, and if we focus our thoughts to the right point, we may have the chance to transform our world. We should not forget that we create our reality through our imagination.
To prepare for 2012, a spiritual transformation is needed in addition to a physical one. We should not forget we can escape from everything, but we cannot escape from ourselves. If we do not change, the conditions will not change either. We must remember we are the creators of our lives and our world. Regaining control over our lives and having a healthy and happy life is in our hands. This is the result of the free will granted to us by our Holy Creator. We will either control our feelings and thoughts, directing our lives properly, or our feelings and thoughts will control us, and we will be swept away wherever destiny throws us.
It is time to see the resurrection of consciousness and wake up from the illusion. This Great Awakening will be the beginning of a period when we will understand that we are not poor creatures waiting to be rescued—we are divine beings that can build our own futures. This is the beginning of an age when we will realize our place within the cosmos and understand why we were created. As a result, we will feel the quality of our relationship with the Holy Creator.

Öner Döşer