Something has caught my attention for a long time now: The quotes and writings on people’s social networking pages.

The people using these sites obviously take quotes from various sages and other intellectuals and fill their pages (i.e., their “walls”) with them. Having just published a peaceful and mind-blowing quote on their wall a minute ago, they then, in contradiction to the quote, start writing meaningless, blasphemous, and abusive language intended to degrade themselves and others for no other reason than to point out something on their mind from websites and news feeds.

On the one hand, I see amazing texts full of harmony and bliss. On the other hand, I see people quoting these texts, and I can’t understand why they contradict themselves. I see people even contradicting themselves on the same wall by first showing compassion and love, and then doing the exact opposite by publishing meaningless, self-destructive words… I simply don’t get it.

This thought comes to mind: If these people would implement even only a few of the elements from these blissful quotes into their own lives, then our level of consciousness would rise to such a degree that humanity would reach another level of wisdom. Just consider this for a moment and take a minute to absorb it…

You may be asking why this bothers me so much. Don’t get me wrong—this is not a criticism. Quotes and references have pushed me into thinking and questioning further what I can do. It is my job to question what goes on around me, and I wanted to share my insight because maybe some of us share the same point of view. Maybe you already have the answers to the questions here, or maybe you also want to question yourself?

Do all these personal-development teachings exist for our own benefit? Or do they exist only to be wrote about? In other words, why do they exist? For us to experience such wisdom, should we implement them in our lives? Or is it sufficient to only quote them and write about them? When quoting profound words from wise intellectuals, do the people quoting them really learn anything from these words? Or is it only something “cool” to share on their walls? Could it be that by simply quoting something on your wall, you suddenly transform into a wiser person? Do the teachings from these quotes magically enter our souls and change our beings?

How much of the essence of these personal-development and spiritual well-being books and training sessions do the followers really absorb and implement in their own lives? Do they really transfer the knowledge and experience they gain from such enlightenment to others, or do these vital elements just vanish and fade away with time? How consistent are they at finding new methods to better themselves and sharing their techniques with others on a permanent level?

This experimental knowledge is the core of it all:  What did I understand from these teachings, and what have I experienced? Because it’s all these acquired experiences that make me a better person throughout my life journey.

What is “awareness” really? What is its true meaning? Have you ever asked yourself how you could really become aware? What is being aware? I question myself all the time.

What do I know? What have I learned in all this time? Do I really know something or am I just buying someone else’s vision? How much of what I have learned have I experienced, and how much of it have I simply forgotten? Have I reached my own inner self and knowledge with what I have experienced? Where are the things I have obtained and reached? In which stage of my life am I reflecting these experiences and acquired knowledge? Me, my job, my life partner, my kids, my friends, my surroundings, nature and wildlife, animals, and life in general… how much of the wholesomeness of my own individuality am I aware of within such a crowded environment? Can I approach my surroundings with objectivity, and how much of this awareness can I implement in my own life?

How much of myself am I truly aware of? Do moral standards, equality, and justice rule my life, or is it still my inpatient ego and apprehensiveness (followed by fear) guiding my life journey?

How much am I controlling my own life? How wise and efficient am I?

Don’t misunderstand me when I say that I am questioning and asking questions constantly. Above all, I am questioning and doubting myself.

All these questions are directed to myself. I ask them to myself before falling asleep, and I constantly rephrase them.

These are the thoughts on my wall. What about yours?