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do not anger

Do not Anger 

“I’m convinced that our life journey is an upward spiral. Sometimes it feels like we’ve traveled all the way yet it still feels like we are back to square one. Believe me, where we are is a deeper and higher reflection of square one. I…

life and motorcycles

Life and Motorcycles 

I heard a fascinating observation during my journey to Bali. A dear friend of mine, Selim Demirel, is a former motorcycle trainer. He said, “Riding motorcycles and philosophy have a lot in common. For example, if you spot an obstacle while riding, there’s a 99%…

why are you here?

Why Are You Here? 

Do you have to live what you’re going to live? Or can you decide what your future is going to be? If you truly have the power to control your destiny, you should control what’s happening. If you can’t influence destiny, you should stop trying…

the teacher and the technician

The Teacher and the Technician 

It’s a common problem to confuse a teacher with a technician when you’re trying to follow the path of truth. Teaching some techniques is not the same thing as being a true teacher. A teacher doesn’t teach you techniques; a teacher transforms you. You probably…

reinforcing compassion

Reinforcing Compassion 

Dear friends, it’s the gospel truth that compassion is the greatest force in this universe. The reason why we seek money, power, domination, reputation, approval, and other things is to gain happiness, peace, health, joy, and wisdom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, because the…

the tyrant and the sage

The Tyrant and the Sage 

We have two sides, one side that deems itself to be two sides. One is a tyrant, while the other is a sage. The tyrant divides and separates, yet the sage does not discriminate. The tyrant assumes, while the sage sees and knows. The tyrant…

a question of time

A Question of Time 

Let me put it this way: It’s just a question of time, buddy. You can resist me with all your might and power, you know, but that’s just how it goes. The reason for this is not anything to do with the power you possess;…

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